Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Al Jazeera News Video and Article: The Dalai Lama: The devil within

From Al Jazeera People & Power (which claims at least 40 million viewers)

The Dalai Lama has imposed a ban on the worship of a 500-year-old deity called Dorje Shugden

The Dalai Lama has imposed a ban on the worship of a 500-year-old deity called Dorje Shugden.

Across the world 4 million Buddhist Tibetans worship this particular deity. The ban has created tension and dissent amongst the one million Tibetans living in India and in May 400 monks were thrown out of monasteries because of their religious beliefs.

In the Tibetan refugee camps, Shugden worshippers have been turned away from jobs, shops and schools. Posters with the message "no Shugden followers allowed" cover hospital and shop fronts.

The tension has been fueled by the Tibetan exile government who brandish Shugden worshippers as terrorists closely linked to China.

Shugden followers in India have decided to take matters into their own hands, taking the Dalai Lama to court for religious discrimination.


Tenzin said...

Thank you for posting this extraordinary footage of persecution by the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Government in Exile in India.

I found it telling that the lawyer points out that the main reason the legal case against the Dalai Lama was delayed three months was because the Dalai Lama said he was sick/exhausted. Perhaps the Dalai Lama was throwing off his European teaching engagements to delay the court case rather than because he was exhausted.

Gentle Voice said...

Thank you for this fantastic footage. Please keep up the good work.

Even if it were true ( which it obviously isn't) that Shugden practitioners were in fact murderers and Chinese agents, where did Lord Buddha teach that hatred, persecution and ostracism are a correct response to any living being's actions? Even Angulimala ( who murdered 999 people)was welcome into Buddha's community of monks with open arms.

It appears that there is a vast difference between Lord Buddha and the present Tibetan leader/ 'Buddha of Compassion'

Interested, New York said...

Samdhong! ... he comes across as something out of Star Wars, the dark side and all that. He's like straight out of Facism 101 primer. "It's unfair of them to go to the stores that have banned them" ????

Anonymous said...

Samdhong's comment - yeah, it would be quality comedy if only it wasn't so sad!

Janet Brookes said...

I found a really good article on the subject of the court case and discrimination on this blog today, called World Media Investigates:

Here is a bit of it:

"Within the Tibetan community in Exile if you are any other type of Buddhist, or a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist, ..whatever then you can go and attend teachings, receive empowerments go in shops and restaurants as you please. You can get travel permits and find employment etc.. However if you are known as a Shugden practitioner then the following list I have given are now facts of life – if you doubt this please just do the research:

You cannot work in any part of the Government (TGIE)

You cannot work in any part of the Health Service

You are not allowed in the Tibetan Youth association

You are not allowed in the Womens association

You are not allowed to remain in many monasteries

In those monasteries you can stay in you are totally segregated for example by a dividing wall, which also prevents you eating with others

You cannot be a judge or juror

Your goods are not bought at marketplaces

You are not welcome in many shops

You are not welcome in many restaurants

Pictures of you are often put up in public accusing you of receiving funding from China

Whenever you argue or try to stand up for your rights you are accused of being in league with China

Just because of your religion you are accused of wishing to harm the Dalai Lama

Just because of your religion you are accused of harming the Tibetan cause

As a group, Shugden practitioners are accused of being terrorists without evidence or trial

As a group, Shugden practitioners are accused of being murderers without evidence or trial

and the list just goes on,

All these things are facts, and some you can see in the above news report – including the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Prime Minister acknowledging such things are going on, as if they are fair, whilst adding on unfounded and random accusations that - well these Shugdens are murderers, and some are terrorists and some start fires don’t you know! - (remember the Dalai Lama used to be a Shugden practitioner as were his saintly teachers)."

ligpa said...
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