Monday, November 29, 2010

Dalai Lama receives the Mother Theresa Award for Social Justice

First of all, if you have not yet read the ground-breaking book, A Great Deception, it is a real page-turner. Everything is backed up and all facts consistent with the Western Shugden Society claims, and it contains a wealth of other material to do with the Dalai Lama that might raise your eyebrows. It is very well researched, documented, and written.

This book is not just about the Dalai Lama’s destructive ban against Dorje Shugden, though it puts that ban in the clearest possible context. It will prove to be historically very significant, signalling an end to the pollution of Buddhism by politics, by showing the utter corruption, power struggles, violence and deceit that have marked the government of the Ganden Phodrang since the time of the Fifth Dalai Lama, especially during the reigns of the 5th, 13th and 14th Dalai Lamas of Tibet. This book is worth reading even just for its chapter on the history and institution of all the Dalai Lamas, 1st through 14th.

Meanwhile, the Dalai Lama is still at it, and we will continue on this blog and our website, Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden, to call him on his deception and hypocrisy whenever we see it (if we can keep up). He was given the Mother Theresa Award for Social Justice in Delhi on Thursday 18 November. At a glittering ceremony at the Hotel Taj Palace, Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee presented the award to the Tibetan leader.

In his address to the gathering, the Tibetan leader lauded India for its ancient tradition of Ahimsa (non-violence) and harmonious existence of various religious traditions for many years.

“India (is), I feel, the only country where major world religious traditions live together. Occasionally some problems happen, that’s understandable, over billion human being, some mischievous people always there.”

The Tibetan leader said India’s tradition of Ahimsa and religious harmony is not only an ancient one but also very relevant even in today’s world.

“So I myself lived in this country for 51 years, and I am carrying to various parts of the world these two messages, message of Ahimsa based on love and compassion, and message of religious harmony,” said His Holiness.

So why was the Dalai Lama given this award?

His championship of non-violence?

As it says in A Great Deception, page 220:

“Of all the lies that surround the Dalai Lama, surely the greatest is that he is the champion of non-violence.”

For example, during the Dalai Lama’s reign in Tibet, serfs were routinely tortured just down the hill from his grand Potala palace and he turned a blind eye. He spent a lot of time with Nazis. He wrote hymns to Chairman Mao. He was close friends with Shoko Asahara, the deadly leader of the Japanese AUM Cult. Newly declassified US State Department documents show that from the mid-1950’s to the mid-1970s there was an active and violent Tibetan resistance movement that was funded by the CIA with the full support of the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama was also responsible for the 2008 demonstrations by Tibetans in the lead-up to the Chinese Olympics that caused death and destruction to property. And that is not all you'll find out about if you read the book.

Moreover, the Dalai Lama has not once spoken out against the on-going violence inflicted by his followers on Dorje Shugden practitioners. Indeed, the Dalai Lama has encouraged disharmony and hatred with his words that, when it comes to him, “it might be justified for one or ten enemies to be eliminated”, leading to the Tibetan Administration’s Ten Most Hated Enemies of the Dalai Lama and Tibet and Wanted Posters being circulated throughout Tibetan settlements in India and Nepal. These give precise details of their names, families and living places and are clearly designed to encourage violence. There is plenty of documented violence against Dorje Shugden practitioners.

His championship of religious harmony?

One news report claims that he received the Mother Theresa Award for 'his commitment to human values, fostering inter-religious dialogue and the welfare of Tibetan people'; yet he doesn't even foster dialogue between Buddhists. He has managed to interfere in all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism, with disastrous consequences, as explained in detail in A Great Deception. The Dalai Lama has repeatedly failed to take up offers of discussion to resolve the conflict over Dorje Shugden; rather his public pronouncements have led to more bitter entrenchment and angry accusations towards Shugden practitioners. They are treated like criminals even though they have done nothing wrong.

On the subject of religious harmony, the Dalai Lama has caused religious DISharmony by banning the practice of Dorje Shugden and disparaging his own Teachers who promoted this holy practice. He is responsible for schism in the international Buddhist community because of the ban. Check out the growing number of news articles and programs that attest to this.

The Dalai Lama has denied human rights (the very foundation of social justice) to Dorje Shugden practitioners by ostracizing them from Tibetan society. In an enforced signature campaign by the Tibetan Government in Exile, Tibetans have had to swear to have nothing to do, materially or spiritually, with Shugden practitioners. Those who refused to give up the practice are still denied medical treatment, education and even freedom to enter shops run by Tibetans. Nor are they issued with travel permits because of their beliefs. This is a strange implementation of social justice that does not fit the definition!

Even those who obey his religious edicts have received no benefit from him. He has repeatedly failed to achieve any agreement with the Chinese government on the future of Tibet. Those in Tibetan communities throughout the world are under his power of his repressive theocracy where, ironically, there is no real freedom or benefit even though that's what he's being awarded for.

On the two messages that he claims to carry to the world -- non-violence and religious harmony -- his actions fall woefully short of his speeches. He 'talks a good talk', but unfortunately doesn't practice what he preaches to the masses.

Are there any valid reasons for giving the Dalai Lama an award for Social Justice?

It seems that the Dalai Lama garners awards simply for being the Dalai Lama and not for any other reason. These awards seem to be given for what people imagine the Dalai Lama is doing to benefit others. This must be so because the Dalai Lama, in reality, is doing the complete opposite of what he claims to stand for.

Through the publication of A Great Deception, may this charade be brought to an end, and Buddhism finally freed from pollution by Tibetan politics.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Great Deception - freeing Buddhism from political pollution

The latest edition of A Great Deception has just been printed, with some additions.

This book will be distributed widely by the Western Shugden Society. It clearly shows that the Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden is the manifestation of Je Tsongkhapa, who is the embodiment of the wisdom of all Buddhas. It also brings to light the 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso's unconscionable actions in banning this beloved spiritual practice and persecuting its followers.

From the Preface:

The purpose of this book is to achieve the following four aims:

  • to liberate millions of innocent practitioners of the Buddhist Deity Dorje Shugden and their families from suffering;
  • to restore peace and harmony between Shugden and non-Shugden practitioners;
  • to re-establish the common spiritual activities of Shugden and non-Shugden practitioners; and
  • to free Buddhism from political pollution.

Achieving these aims depends solely upon whether the present Dalai Lama will accept the four points set out at the conclusion of Chapter 4 of this book.

The Dalai Lama wishes to ban Shugden worship in general; and in particular to remove Tibetan Shugden worshippers from their communities, and Western Shugden worshippers from the international Buddhist community. Since 1996 the Tibetan exile government has continually applied effort to fulfil these wishes. In February 2008 alone, 900 monks who are Shugden practitioners were expelled from their monasteries in India.

In 1996 the Tibetan exile government publicly decreed to the Tibetan communities of each country, including Tibet, that Shugden practitioners were their national enemies and were against the Dalai Lama's wishes. The decree stated that unless Shugden practitioners promised to stop Shugden worship they would not receive any official position or job, nor any help or support, even medical assistance, either from the Tibetan exile government or from individual members of the Tibetan community. Further, any connection at all with Shugden practitioners should be cut. Children of Shugden practitioners were no longer permitted to attend Tibetan schools, and Shugden practitioners themselves could not join community meetings, social events and so forth....

(... and the situation has gone from bad to worse.)


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mountain Phoenix on Dorje Shugden

I'd like to draw your attention to a couple of blog posts by Tibetan Mountain Phoenix on her blog 'Mountain Phoenix over Tibet' which provides some interesting analysis of the Dorje Shugden issue from a less biased point of view than other Tibetan commentators:

Even though the blog posts are a couple of years old, the issues she refers to still pertain, unfortunately. For example, in her first post, amusingly titled 'Ghostbusters: I ain't afraid of no ghost', she says:

Even if the pro-ghost people were all unpatriotic, selfish, pro-Chinese, Kundun-haters, and devil-worshippers, I’d wish Kundun followers wouldn’t behave like riffraff. Honestly, it’s not flattering to the Dalai Lama to have such a following. I would wish for His Holiness to distance himself from this kind of behaviour. And I would also wish he would stop raising the issue in public. From an innocent bystander view, it would be more effective to debate the issue with the defiant Lamas and Geshes directly. After all, it’s them who are meant to be persuaded. The collateral damage of raising the issue in front of the public has reached a frightening dimension.

Actually, I wish Kundun would consider dropping this thing altogether - just like some of the Tibetan-language media. He has successfully discouraged the practice for years. So then the ones who remain stubborn just can’t be helped, can they? Why not leave it at that? There can’t be too many renegades left by now, can there? A couple of Lamas here and there, most keeping a low profile. If Kundun stops to speak against the practice, they will stop defending themselves. If he intensifies his efforts, they will too. The way I see it, Kundun can control this
'Kundun' is a name for the Dalai Lama. The destruction of Dorje Shugden practice has been an obsession of the Dalai Lama's for over thirty years. He can't stop mentioning it in public. As Mountain Phoenix says:
The collateral damage of raising the issue in front of the public has reached a frightening dimension.
It certainly has. Every time the Dalai Lama mentions it, there is a witch hunt in which innocent Dorje Shugden practitioners are persecuted. They are already denied basic human rights such as travel permits, education and medical treatment. They are also barred from shops because of their religious beliefs. This has gone on for far too long now, and has even resulted in a split in the spiritual community. Dorje Shugden worshipping monks have been expelled from the monasteries under the control of the 'Ganden Podrang' or Tibetan Government in Exile and have had to build their own monasteries of Shar Gaden and Serpom. The division caused by the Dalai Lama's words is probably irreparable, even if he were to retract his statements tomorrow.

Mountain Phoenix wants to say this to the Dalai Lama:
Dear Kundun, do you surf the net sometimes? - I really hope so. I humbly wish you would read what a fellow Tibetan has to say and people like Acha Purbu-la think. I wish you would agree that this ghost hunt leads us nowhere and is disrupting social harmony. I wish you would stop making the ghost an issue and lead us again on the path to cope with the big problems that lie ahead of us as a people.
Sadly, because she follows the Dalai Lama, she refers to Dorje Shugden throughout as 'a ghost', even though later she acknowledges that there is a view held by some that he is a Buddha:

To be fair to the other side, I should mention that they don’t think they are worshipping a ghost. For them, the ghost is an enlightened being (a Buddha or something to that effect). A view, that many people don’t like to hear, no Tibetan media reports on, and nobody wants to openly talk about. Nevertheless, if the other side believes the ghost is a divine thing, it’s their right. Just as it’s the right for the mainstream to believe the ghost is a deamon. Believe one or the other but keep quiet. Or opt out altogether and keep quiet.
She refers to the view that Dorje Shugden is a demon as mainstream. This shows how much damage the Dalai Lama's views have caused in thirty years. Through blind faith in 'Kundun' and his draconian ban on the practice, Tibetans have turned away from the practice of Dorje Shugden, a once mainstream Gelugpa practice, with the result that those who are sincerely wishing to keep their commitments to their spiritual Teachers and who steadfastly refuse to abandon the practice have been marginalized and ostracised from Tibetan society.

Her final conclusion, from her later post '"Evil Spirit" puts Tibetan democracy to test' which is fairer and more balanced:

The way Tibetans have been handling the Dholgyal/Shugden issue says quite a bit about the state of our democratic values. We Tibetans are okay with dissenters being forced into obedience. We see nothing wrong with this political style. We have no issues with the Dalai Lama exerting pressure on dissenters by using secular government organs and tolerating oaths and signature actions in his name. Some even believe it is their duty to expose Dholgyal/Shugden supporters and slander them.

Sadly, we can report that not much has changed since Mountain Phoenix wrote her original blog posts two years ago. The Dalai Lama is still speaking out against the practice (even as recently as last month) and Dorje Shugden practitioners are still ostracised and vilified by the majority of Tibetans.

Dalai Lama, please give religious freedom.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Dalai Lama's ban on Dorje Shugden continues to cause suffering and disharmony

Because there is no recent Western media coverage, the Dalai Lama continues to disparage Dorje Shugden practitioners with no fear of being exposed; and there is ample evidence that he is still working to destroy this Buddhist practice in both the East and the West.

On 1st September he gave a talk at Sera Mey monastery in southern India that was broadcast on Voice of Tibet Radio, a mouthpiece of the Tibetan government in exile:

Reporter: The Dalai Lama said that it was more harmful than beneficial if anyone who worshipped Dholgyal (Shugden) came to receive his initiation. He also made a statement with respect to Shugden.

The Dalai Lama: As for Kyabje Pabongkha, he is really like the real Heruka. He is the lord of Chakarasambhara’s father and mother; he is lord of Lamrim and Mind Training. That is really amazing. It is wrong that some criticize him. The previous Dalai Lama imposed a strict ban on Shugden. When the predecessor passed away, he has made great efforts with respect to Shugden. That is wrong. Therefore, knowing all things, I imposed a ban on [Shugden]. It is wrong that some says this is order of the Dalai Lama. I am aware of the significance and reasons, as well as what the previous lamas have done. Then I imposed a ban [on Shugden].

These days, they are being supported by Communist China. Shugden devotees in Tibet are given special help. They encourage people to worship Shugden. Some monasteries are asked to worship [Shugden]. These are the reasons. Most of you already know. Today once again… over there they are making loud noises (laughs). They are debating. The debating is good. When they are making noise, it is not right if I say nothing (laughs). Sera-May monastery faced serious difficulties. Basically it is Pomra Khamtsen. Shugden devotees, being headstrong, …to beat and to kill.

…became real Chinese spirit. Therefore [they] do not know. I have nothing to say if they voluntarily and knowingly [worship Shugden]. It is religious freedom. It is up to you whatever deity you want to worship. But I should explain its source and background. This is my responsibility.

His speech is full of contradictions:

If Je Pabongkhapa is “real Heruka”, a fully enlightened being, how could he be wrong about Dorje Shugden practice?

The Dalai Lama says that he imposed a ban on the practice, which is true; but then says that people have religious freedom to choose whatever Deity they want to worship!

He also claims that Shugden practitioners are receiving support from Communist China, a statement that has no basis in fact. This is a calculated political statement, a lie, guaranteed to turn Tibetans against Shugden practitioners. The Dalai Lama knows this, yet he shamelessly creates religious disharmony for his own purposes.

Despite his use of the words, 'religious freedom', there is no freedom because of the Dalai Lama's religious dictatorship; there are many unpleasant consequences for those who refuse to give up the practice. Here are some recent examples provided by the Dorje Shugden Society:

• May 2010: Chushi Gangdurk Organisation, New York USA (which is a political association) met with the Dalai Lama and informed him that they had removed the members who believed in Dorje Shugden and vowed to disassociate and remove any Shugden believers in the future for His Holiness' happiness.

• 26th Feburary 2010: Central Chushi Gangdurk Organisation's headquarters in New Delhi gave a letter to Dalai Lama which stated that they hadn’t associated with the Shugden believers since 1996 and vowed to continue disassociating from the Shugden people in the future too.

• February 20, 2010: 68 of the 100 invited guests and performers left a wedding party in New York City because a few Dorje Shugden devotees were invited. Those who left apologized and explained that they did not want to break the oath that they had taken to segregate the followers of Dorje Shugden.

• July 29 2009: The Tibetan section of Radio Free Asia, with the intention to turn the general Tibetan people against the Shugden devotees, demonized the Shugden devotees for abducting Tenzing Thakpa (Woeser Rinpoche's father) and a 13-year-old boy, along with few goats and sheep in Markham, Tibet. In reality, Woeser Rinpoche's father and the boy were victims of a flood and Tenzing Thakpa was seen alive and well, traveling in Lhasa and India.

• 2008: The oath and signature campaign of breaking off religious and material relationship with Shugden devotees was introduced in the monasteries and Tibetan settlements

• October 2008: The Tibetan Association of Western Massachusetts, USA, was shut down because it had some Shugden believers as its members.

• July 2008: Wanted posters of several monks involved in the Western Shugden Society protests appeared in Queens, New York. Al Jazeera reported about the wanted posters saying, "No Shugden worshipper has ever been charged or investigated for terrorism and yet the monks that continue to worship Shugden remain victims of name and shame."

Due to the Dalai Lama's words and actions remaining unchallenged, acts of discrimination and ostracism are being perpetrated even in the USA, let alone in undemocratic Tibetan society. From this we can see that the Dalai Lama has caused a deep, worldwide schism in the Buddhist community that is affecting Buddhists everywhere. This poisonous disharmony is completely contrary to Buddha's teachings on love and compassion.

Finally, another recent case of blatant discrimination in a Western country is to be found at Kalachakra Kalapa Centre in Austria. As the course publicity prominently states:

“Please note: Shugden practitioners or practitioners following Geshe Kelsang Gyatso cannot participate in this event.”

Practitioners of other religions are not excluded, only Buddhist followers of Je Pabongkhapa and Trijang Rinpoche, who were the lineage holders of Kalachakra and other transmissions in the Gelugpa tradition.

With no apparent sense of irony, the publicity finishes with: “May all beings be happy”!

From this we can see that it is still the Dalai Lama's aim to remove Dorje Shugden practitioners, both Eastern and Western, from Buddhist society and he is working very hard for this aim. He is abusing his position and authority, encouraging others to engage in actions of ostracism that are damaging the international Buddhist community.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions about Dorje Shugden

We are currently preparing a section of Frequently Asked Questions on the subject of Dorje Shugden for our website, and here is a preview.

(If you have any questions you'd like us to answer on our upcoming FAQ, please include them in the comments section.)

Q: What exactly is the Dorje Shugden practice and what does it involve?
A. Dorje Shugden is an emanation of the wisdom of all Buddhas appearing as a Dharma Protector to protect and increase the Dharma realizations within our minds.

The practice of relying on Dharma Protectors was taught by Buddha Shakyamuni and practised by Indian and Tibetan Buddhists. There are many Dharma protectors such as Mahakala, Kalarupa, Palden Lhamo and Dorje Shugden. In order to protect the Dharma realizations in one's mind, Dharma Protectors must necessarily be emanations of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and are therefore part of the Three Jewels of Buddhist refuge, specifically the Sangha Jewel.

Although Dorje Shugden helps everyone because he is a Buddha, his main job is to protect the Gelug tradition of Je Tsongkhapa (1357-1419), and especially the Ganden oral lineage instructions. The practice of Dorje Shugden involves making offerings and requests with faith to Dorje Shugden -- who is seen as one with Je Tsongkhapa and the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri -- to protect the teachings of Je Tsongkhapa's tradition, to pacify all obstacles to its growth throughout the world and to bestow favorable conditions for the Buddhadharma to flourish both in our minds and in the world in general.

You can read more about this subject here. If you would like to see the prayers to Dorje Shugden that are recited every day by faithful practitioners, you can do so here.

Q: What benefits do people derive from doing the practice of Dorje Shugden?
A: In the introduction to the practice of relying upon the Dharma Protector in the Heart Jewel sadhana published by Tharpa Publications it says:

“This sadhana includes two practices revealed by the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri. The first is a special Guru yoga in which we visualize our Spiritual Guide as Je Tsongkhapa, who himself is a manifestation of Manjushri. By relying upon this practice, we can purify negativity, accumulate merit, and receive blessings. In this way, we will naturally accomplish all the realizations of the stages of the path of Sutra and Tantra, and in particular we will attain a very special Dharma wisdom.

The second practice is a method for relying upon the Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden. Through this, we can overcome obstacles to our practice and create favourable conditions so that we can nurture and increase our Dharma realizations. If we rely upon the Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden sincerely, our faith in Je Tsongkhapa will naturally increase and we will easily gain experience of the pure Buddhadharma transmitted directly to Je Tsongkhapa by the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri.

If we practise these regularly and sincerely, we will reap a rich harvest of pure Dharma realizations, and eventually come to experience the supreme joy of full enlightenment.”

You can read more about the benefits of relying upon Dorje Shugden here. Here are a couple of extracts:

"Dorje Shugden always helps, guides, and protects pure and faithful practitioners by granting blessings, increasing their wisdom, fulfilling their wishes, and bestowing success on all their virtuous activities."

"If we rely sincerely upon Dorje Shugden, he will arrange the conditions that are most conducive for our Dharma practice but these will not necessarily be the ones that we ourself would have chosen! Dorje Shugden will bless our minds to help us transform difficult situations into the spiritual path, and he will open the wisdom eyes of his faithful followers, enabling them always to make the right decisions."

Q: Where did the practice of Dorje Shugden originate, and what is its significance today for practitioners?
Dorje Shugden is an emanation of the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri who arose as a Dharma Protector to fulfil a promise he had made in a previous life when as Duldzin Dragpa Gyaltsän, one of the principal disciples of Je Tsongkhapa, he promised to become a protector of Je Tsongkhapa's tradition. This is explained by the Dalai Lama's teacher and Gelugpa lineage holder, Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, in his text called “Music Delighting the Ocean of Protectors” which can be downloaded here.

Ngatrul Dragpa Gyaltsen (1619-54), a revered teacher who lived at the same time as the fifth Dalai Lama, predicted that he would arise as Dorje Shugden. He was the last incarnation in a long line of enlightened Indian and Tibetan Buddhist Masters which includes Manjushri, Mahasiddha Biwawa, Sakya Pandita, Butön Rinchen Drub, Duldzin Dragpa Gyaltsän, Panchen Sönam Dragpa, and many others. See biographies of these previous incarnations of Dorje Shugden.

For its significance for today's practitioners, see the answer to the next question.

Q. How does the practice of Dorje Shugden fit in with Buddhist teachings and practices and help practitioners implement those into daily life?
A: The practice of Dorje Shugden supports and enhances our practice of Sutra and Tantra in daily life. By making requests to Dorje Shugden and relying upon him sincerely -- just as the great enlightened Masters of the Gelugpa tradition have done for centuries -- we will be cared for so that we can accomplish our final goal of full enlightenment as swiftly as possible.

Buddhas can and will appear as anything that will benefit living beings, including as Spiritual Guides and in a protecting aspect as a Dharma Protector. In this spiritually degenerate time it is very difficult for spiritual practitioners to make progress on the paths to liberation and enlightenment on their own; there are many obstacles and we have little merit or good karma. We need help to remove obstacles and to manifest good conditions for our practice and this is the unique function of a Dharma Protector. The Dharma Protector is seen as an aspect of our Spiritual Guide to help us to accomplish pacifying, increasing, controlling and wrathful actions that are necessary for making spiritual progress.

There are many different Dharma Protectors that we can rely upon, but it is said that at this time Dorje Shugden is the protector who is most able to help us. We have a special karmic connection with this Deity, which means that we can receive swift and powerful help by relying upon him as opposed to other protectors. Check here for more information about Dorje Shugden.

We will just like to give some relevant quotes to help at this point:

"There is no difference in the compassion, wisdom, or power of the various Dharma Protectors, but because of the karma of sentient beings, one particular Dharma Protector will have a greater opportunity to help Dharma practitioners at any one particular time.

Among all the Dharma Protectors, four-faced Mahakala, Kalarupa, and Dorje Shugden in particular have the same nature because they are all emanations of Manjushri.
However, the beings of this present time have a stronger karmic link with Dorje Shugden than with the other Dharma Protectors. It was for this reason that Morchen Dorjechang Kunga Lhundrup, a very highly realized Master of the Sakya tradition, told his disciples, 'Now is the time to rely upon Dorje Shugden.' He said this on many occasions to encourage his disciples to develop faith in the practice of Dorje Shugden."

Friday, June 25, 2010

Help stop discrimination against Dorje Shugden devotees seeking asylum

Discrimination toward a devotee of Dorje Shugden
at the Indian Embassy in Nepal

Please write to Indian Authorities using the information below,
in a language that is simple, clear, and well mannered, avoiding harsh language against the Dalai Lama or Tibetan Government in Exile that would offend the authorities, who, in India, if addressed with proper protocol and manners,
are very helpful.

Thank you.

(Please note, we have added some sample letters below in the comments section, written and sent by followers of this blog. Please feel free to put your letter here too to help others compose theirs. Thank you.)

The following incident took place in Kathmandu, Nepal. On June 3, this year 2010, 14 newcomers from Tibet went to the Indian Embassy to obtain Entry Permits, which allows them to seek asylum in India. All but one of those newcomers received a permit. The asylum seeker whose Entry Permit was refused is Jampa Gyaltsen, 18 years old.

Jampa is a devotee of Dorje Shugden. He came to Nepal to join Serpom monastery and to study Buddhism in India.

Tibetan refugees go to Tibetan Reception Centre, and through this centre they apply for an Entry Permit. In view of the consistent discrimination and abuses faced by devotees, there is a strong misgiving that the Tibetan Refugee Reception Center was behind the rejection. They might have provided a note which triggered the rejection of the permit for Jampa.

This obviously indicates that the Tibetan Government in Exile tries to stop Shugden devotees coming to India. They wish the Shugden monasteries to dry up and vanish. And the Tibetan Government in Exile have attempted several times to stop Shugden devotees coming to India from Tibet.

We have a growing concern about Tibetan refugees (who are associated with the Deity Dorje Shugden) who might face the same fate in future, unless the rejection is revoked and he is issued the permit.

It would be very helpful if each of you wrote to the following authorities with a request and a prayer to ensure that no Shugden devotee has to experience discrimination because of their religious faith, as well as to provide an entry permit to Jampa Gyaltsen.

1) External Affairs Minister
S.M. Krishna
Fax : 0091 11 23013254 / 23011463
Email :
2) Foreign Secretary
Smt. Nirupama Rao
Fax : 0091 11 23016781
Email :;
Email :
Fax : 0091 11 23092462
Gopal K. Pillai
Fax : 0091 11 23093003
Nepal Indian embassy
5) Sh. Rakesh Sood
Email :
Fax: 00977 1 4420130
Stephane Jaquemet
Anil Kuti, Maharajgunj,
Kathmandu, P.O.Box 2374 ,
Fax : 977-1 4412853
Email :
Website :

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dalai Lama criticizes anti-whaling protestors

There are two articles about this here:

Dalai Lama criticises anti-whaling protestors
Dalai Lama's double standards with regard to whaling

How can it be that a man who preaches compassion will not show it for defenseless animals? He shot birds with his air rifle from the Norbulinka Palace in Tibet, is an avid eater of meat, and now is speaking out publicly against anti-whaling protestors.

The Dalai Lama shows that he lacks integrity and principle when he bows to political influence and says what people want him to say -- in this case, the Japanese authorities. This is the problem of mixing religion and politics. It is another example of why the Dalai Lama is basically untrustworthy, a self-seeking worldly politician masquerading as a popular religious figure.

For more on the Dalai Lama's deceptive dual nature as politician and religious leader and the harm this has caused in Tibet and India, see A Great Deception.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Letter from the CTA and Dalai Lama urging ostracism of Dorje Shugden family

Sadly, these two pieces of information from someone currently staying at Shar Gaden show us nothing new -- Buddhist Dorje Shugden practitioners are still being ostracized for their beliefs due to the immoral and intolerant ban of the 400-year old practice by the 14th Dalai Lama:

"Here is a picture on the gate of Gaden Jangtse warning people about the family in camp 4 that are Dorje Shugden practitioners and people should not go to their shop in camp 4. I took this photo yesterday. Very sad that this is the first thing you see upon entering such a beautiful monastery."

If you look closely, you will see that this notice is issued by the Office of the Representative of the Central Tibetan Administration of the Dalai Lama. A terrible example of using political power to further supposedly religious aims, that of destroying a spiritual tradition passed down through generations of Gelugpa Buddhist masters, including the Teacher of the Dalai Lama himself. Click here for more.

And of course there have been numerous incidences of violence toward Dorje Shugden practitioners over the years, such as:

"Trokhang DechenChog is a Dorje Shugden chapel not far from Shar Gaden and is within feet of the Gaden Shartse debate ground. It is actually closer to Gaden Shartse than Shar Gaden... One monk is in charge of doing the daily pujas there and keeping the chapel safe from harm. He has been beaten up more than once due to his devotion to this chapel."

Tenzin Sungrab originally went over to the monastery to help (as have other Westerners) because, as he put it:

"Being able to be there, standing in solidarity with our dear monks, is an opportunity for me to show support in my own limited way. This is one way for people to directly oppose the ban: cross the line, help the monks, talk to them, support them, encourage them, feed them, share with them... everything the ban says not to do."

And yet he finds that the monks at Shar Gaden are not giving up despite years of ostracism and persecution, refugees amongst refugees:

"These monks have given so much to our lineage and continue regardless of how hard it has been at times. That is the true meaning of Dharma commitment and is a never ending source of inspiration for me. I am really just a nobody, but being amongst so many who work so very hard to practice the pure Dharma has changed me in ways hard to describe. Every day that I wake up here is a gift. I feel that all of this is due to the blessings of Gyalchen Dorje Shugden and my deep faith in him. May he always care for us with love, like a mother for her children. Shar Gaden is a place like no other and everything these monks do here is for the benefit of ALL suffering beings who dwell in this realm."

See his blog.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shar Gaden Monastery

In this picture, you can see a Buddhist monk taking an exam in the prayer hall of the new Shar Gaden monastery. On the throne is a picture of Venerable Trijang Rinpoche, the root Guru of the 14th Dalai Lama until the Dalai Lama rejected him. Trijang Rinpoche is the source of almost all the Dalai Lama's popular Dharma teachings in the East and the West. In the shrine cabinet behind this, to the right, there is a picture of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, the founder of the New Kadampa Tradition, which is dedicated to preserving and passing on the tradition of Je Tsongkhapa as transmitted through the great Je Phabongkhapa and Trijang Dorjechang.

Gaden monastery was founded around October 22, 1409. Exactly 600 years later, around October 22, 2009, Shar Gaden monastery opened through the kind support and assistance of sincere Gelugpa practitioners. This was after the 14th Dalai Lama separated Tibetan society from Je Tsongkhapa's pure Gelugpa tradition and expelled hundreds of Buddhist monks who did not agree with his ban on the practice of Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden. This is the monastery to which the head of the Gelugpa tradition, the 101st Ganden Tripa, recently defected.

Prayers to Wisdom Protector Dorje Shugden taken from Heart Jewel:

"May the glorious Gurus who uphold this tradition
Have indestructible lives, as stable as the supreme victory banner;
May they send down a rain of deeds fulfilling the wishes of disciples,
So that Je Tsongkhapa's doctrine will flourish.

Through increasing the study, practice, pure discipline, and harmony
Of the communities who uphold the stainless doctrine of Buddha,
And who keep moral discipline with pure minds,
Please cause the Gedan (Gelugpa) tradition to increase like a waxing moon."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Persecution of Dorje Shugden practitioners continues at Tibetan Camps and Monasteries

Notice on walls at Tibetan Settlement Camp 3 from the "enemy-defeaters"

To Devotees of Avalokiteśvara

In Camp no. 3, near the mustachioed Amdo's restaurant, a shop owned by a family of camp 4, they are Shugden worshipers, thus you all are strongly recommended not to walk in or buy anything from this shop.

signed: the group of enemy defeaters

(See more.)

Note the irony of these terrible messages, which are basically saying:

"To the supporters of Avalokiteshvara, you are encouraged to cause suffering to others in the name of discrimination and religious intolerance. Thank you for your attention."

When did 'compassionate Buddhists' make it their duty to harm others? What a crazy, hypocritical world the Dalai Lama's shameful ban is creating.

Meanwhile, some more news from Shar Gaden Monastery and the nearby Tibetan Camps from an American visitor:

Hello Friends,

The monks here have just finished their exams and tomorrow the much anticipated results are to be announced. There has been much talk about how excellent all the monks performed. Everyone seems to be very excited to hear who will receive the top honors. Currently I am teaching 4 classes a day in basic English as well as private lessons in my free time...and I am loving every minute of it.

Every night I walk to the Tibetan camp 2 and visit with the only family there that has remained loyal to our precious protector. This family of one mother, her brother and 4 children has suffered unbelievable hardships due to the Dalai Lama's policies. They have had their house stoned as well as the constant harassment by all of their neighbors.

The first night walking there I was greeted by almost every Tibetan I came across. However, word must have spread because the very next night no one would even make eye contact with me much less return my greetings. How sad. This Tibetan family has been dealing with this abuse for years...and they don't get to go home to America in six months like I do.

I will be posting much more about this brave family and our courageous monks as the days go by...I am just now starting to get the taste of what things are like here.

You can follow his blog here.

Many people think that because Shar Gaden and Serpom monasteries exist, the monks now have a home and there's no problem. In fact, some supporters of the Dalai Lama have gone as far as to say that there is no ban because these monasteries exist so that the monks are obviously free to practise Dorje Shugden. However, the everyday reality is quite different. In both Shar Ganden and Serpom, reports indicate that the persecution and segregation ordered by the Dalai Lama continues in full fledge.

Dalai Lama, give religious freedom.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Court case against the Dalai Lama concludes: no victory, no defeat either

Due to the on-going persecution of Buddhist adherents of the four centuries-old practice of the protective Buddha Dorje Shugden by Tenzin Gyatso, aka the 14th Dalai Lama, and his "Central Tibetan Administration" (CTA), following a ban of that religious practice, the Dorje Shugden Devotees' Charitable and Religious Society took the brave step of filing a Petition to the Delhi High Court, New Delhi, India in 2008.

On 5 April 2010, after more than two years of struggle, the Petition was finally dismissed by Justice S. Muralidhar on technical grounds.

The major reason cited for denying jurisdiction was location. The government of India pointed out that this court has no territorial jurisdiction over a dispute. As they are located in Dharamsala, the state government is to investigate the allegations against the Dalai Lama and Tibetan government in exile. Indian government does not recognize the so-called Tibetan government in exile.

Justice Muralidhar pointed out:

"It is however clarified that the dismissal of this petition will not preclude any individual member or members of the [Dorje Shugden Society] to seek appropriate remedies as may be available to them in law" before the police in Karnataka and its state government.

It was further stated that worshippers of Dorje Shugden have a right to freedom of religion as enshrined under Article 25 of the Constitution.

Predictably, the website of the Central Tibetan Administration on April 20 claimed this as a victory for them, falsely stating on their website that “Justice Muralidhar's decision had the effect of closing the doors on the possibility of similar complaints in the future.” In fact, Justice Muralidar clearly stated that by dismissing the case in its present form he would not express any opinion on the merits or demerits of the case, and he clearly pointed out in paragraph 12 of the Order (as mentioned above): "It is however clarified that the dismissal of this petition will not preclude any individual member or member of the Petitioner No. 1 Society [i.e., the above named Dorje Shugden Society] to seek appropriate remedies as may be available to them in law before the appropriate forum…".

The court noted that the Shugden Society's harassment and maltreatment accusations had not yet been lodged in a formal complaint to the local police authorities. This has led the CTA to take the Justice’s comments out of context, stating that the Petition had been dismissed due to 'vague averments' regarding cases of harassment and persecution against Shugden devotees. The actual order in fact reads that they were vague statements because "the criminal law remedies available to the Petitioners has not been availed of by them" (para 8), i.e. the victims. This of course is likely due to intimidation and fear of further persecution.

Despite the CTA propaganda, it is clear from studying the judgment that there was no victory, but nor was there a defeat. The dismissal was mainly for two reasons. (1) The Justice did not see a territorial jurisdiction of the Delhi High Court pointing towards the law and order institutions of the States of Himachal Pradesh (the seat of the Tibetan leader) and Karnataka (the site of the large Tibetan settlements Mundgod and Bylakuppe). (2) He mentioned the lack of records in the local police files due to the absence of complaints by victims of the Dalai Lama's actions.

This ruling in fact lights the way for future court cases in the coming years to be tried in the appropriate state forums, especially as and when individual victims garner the courage to make official complaints to the local police and the records of those complaints pile up. As the persecution continues and monks are still expelled en masse from their monasteries, there is sadly no shortage of evidence to bring against the Dalai Lama and his CTA.

As the Dorje Shugden Society said on April 22:

"There is no question of win - lose here. The dismissal of the case is disappointing. On the other hand, this experience has given us a second chance to approach it in a better and more efficient way. Moreover, it also implies that collaboration and fraternity are priorities. Also, our lawyer said that the Society can file a Suit and individuals who are affected can file individual Petitions. The society tried its best according to its ability. Of course the society is poorly funded. But this is not end of our struggle for religious freedom, human dignity and equality, since our cause is just. And it goes without saying that those who walk on the path of truth often face challenges. Despite hindrances we ought to make effort that no one live through the deprivation of their basic rights, and pledge to promote love, compassion and tolerance in lieu of merely preaching them."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Serpom Monastery Website

We would like to draw your attention to the new website for Serpom Monastic University.

The reason for the existence of this monastery is explained here:Add Image

Pomra Monastic Section, a part of Sera-Mey monastery, separated from Sera-Mey monastery on April 25, 2008, when the monks from Sera-Mey monastery had to give their signatures and take an oath to the effect that they never worship the Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden, nor share religious and material ties with Shugden devotees. Serpom monks refused to take oath because of the basic human right of religious freedom. Therefore Pomra monastic section became a full-fledged monastery, which is now known as Serpom Thoesam Norling Monastery for the preservation of the Ganden Nyengyu Tradition.

More from the About Us page:

Situated in Bylakuppe Tibetan Settlement, Mysore District, Karnataka State, India, Serpom Thoesam Norling Monastery is a registered non–profit organization and monastic university for advanced Buddhist studies. The monastery is open to everyone, without any discrimination. Serpom became a monastery on April 25 2008. Its sister monastery is Shar Gaden monastery, which is situated in the Mundgod Tibetan Settlement of Karnataka State.

The monastery grants free education, meals and accommodation to hundreds of monks, since it became a full-fledged monastery. At present the population of our monk numbers in 567, excluding the monks who reside abroad. Serpom Monastery aims to produce Buddhist masters, philosophers, scholars, peace educators, etc, to make greater contribution to world peace and people’s welfare. Here monks study the five main texts of the Mahayana Buddhist curriculum, which takes on average eighteen years.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Please pray for the Tibetan Earthquake Victims

May all the earthquake victims in Tibet, as well as in Haiti and Chile, come under the loving care and protection of the Spiritual Guides, Deities and Dharma Protectors.

Another message from the Dorje Shugden Society asking for everyone's prayers as the death toll rises in Tibet:

Dear Dharma brothers and sisters;

We are mourning those who were killed and injured by the earthquake in Tibet.

The society would like to request each of you to recite the Migtsema prayer of Lord Tsongkhapa for at least one round of rosary, and dedicate the merit you accumulate through these prayers for those who have died to obtain a precious human rebirth, as well as toward the swift recovery of all those injured and affected.







Tsongkhapa, crown ornament of the scholars of the Land of the Snows,

You are Avalokiteshvara, the treasury of unobservable compassion,

Manjushri, the supreme stainless wisdom,

And Vajrapani, the destroyer of the hosts of maras;

O Losang Dragpa I request you, please grant your blessings.

Thank you!

Dorje Shugden Devotee's Charitable and Religious Society
Phone: 0091-11-23921169


Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden blog joins the Dorje Shugden Society in praying for all those suffering this week's terrible earthquake in Tibet.

The society and its members mourn those killed and injured by the earthquake on Wednesday.

The society has organized prayer service and offered butter lamps in its temple. It is our prayer that the deceased take a precious human rebirth, the injured recover soon, and swift, appropriate relief and rescue reach there on time.

The earthquake hit Kyigudo in North-Eastern Tibet on Wednesday. According to reports, at least 500 people have been killed so far, and more than 10,000 injured, in the remote, predominantly Tibetan community, where many earn their living raising yaks, sheep, horses and so on.

We pray that every person in the world enjoys freedom from earthquakes.

Dorje Shugden Devotees Charitable and Religious Society

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ten Reasons Why Dorje Shugden is Considered a Buddha

1. Dorje Shugden is the last incarnation in a lineage of enlightened Masters

Dorje Shugden arose from an incarnation lineage of enlightened Teachers. As the highly realized Master, Tagpo Kelsang Khedrub Rinpoche, said:

You have manifested in different aspects
As Indian and Tibetan Masters,
Such as Manjushri, Mahasiddha Biwawa, Sakya Pandita,
Buton Rinchen Drub, Duldzin Dragpa Gyaltsen, Panchen Sonam Dragpa, and many others.

Their life stories are explained in the book Heart Jewel. Since his lineage is enlightened, Dorje Shugden is a Buddha too.

2. Dorje Shugden could not be subdued by the 5th Dalai Lama or other Lamas

When Ngatrul Dragpa Gyaltsen, the last human incarnation, manifested as the Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden (as he had predicted he would do), the 5th Dalai Lama initially developed the mistaken idea that he was a spirit and tried to subdue him through performing wrathful fire pujas. Although he and many high Lamas tried to destroy Dorje Shugden, they were not able to because he is a Buddha. This is explained by Tagpo Kelsang Khedrub Rinpoche in his praise of Dorje Shugden, Infinite Aeons:

Then, although four undisputed powerful Tantrikas,
With concentration, began wrathful rituals to strike you down,
Through the power of having completed Guhyasamaja's two stages,
You would not be silenced, and showed signs of heroism; praise to you!

3. Dorje Shugden’s form teaches the paths of Sutra and Tantra

Dorje Shugden's form teaches the complete stages of the path of Sutra and Tantra, and such qualities are not possessed by the forms of worldly beings.

He appears as a fully ordained monk
to show that the practice of pure moral discipline is essential for those who wish to attain enlightenment. In his left hand he holds a heart, which symbolize great compassion and spontaneous great bliss – the essence of all the stages of the vast path of Sutra and Tantra. His round yellow hat represents the view of Nagarjuna, and the wisdom sword in his right hand (like the one held by Manjushri and Je Tsongkhapa) teaches us to sever ignorance, the root of samsara, with the sharp blade of Nagarjuna’s view. This is the essence of all the stages of the profound path of Sutra and Tantra. He rides a snow lion, symbolizing the four fearlessnesses of a Buddha.

Explanation of his remaining features can be found in Heart Jewel, as can the specific
enlightened function of each of the thirty-two Deities of his mandala, which are explained in a prayer written by Sachen Kunlo, one of the great Sakya Lamas.

Only enlightened beings display a meaningful aspect that teaches the entire path to enlightenment. Therefore, Dorje Shugden is a Buddha.

4. Dorje Shugden is the incarnation of the five Buddha families

Dorje Shugden is the incarnation of the five Buddha families and appears in five forms that symbolize the five families. These forms are explained in Heart Jewel and are called 'the five lineages of Dorje Shugden'. The principal Deity, Duldzin Dorje Shugden rides a snow lion. Vairochana Shugden is white and rides an elephant. Ratna Shugden is yellow and rides a palomino horse. Pema Shugden is red and rides a turquoise dragon. Karma Shugden is dark red and rides a wrathful Garuda bird. These forms also symbolize Dorje Shugden's attainment of pacifying, increasing, controlling and wrathful actions and his main form as Duldzin symbolizes the supreme attainment – enlightenment itself.

Since Dorje Shugden is the manifestation of the five Buddha families, there is no doubt that he is the same enlightened nature as Buddha Vajradhara.

5. Dorje Shugden is the same nature as Manjushri, Je Tsongkhapa, Mahakala and Kalarupa

Dorje Shugden is the same nature as Je Tsongkhapa – they are the same person performing different functions. Many Dorje Shugden sadhanas state that Dorje Shugden is the embodiment of the “Guru, Yidam, and Protector”, where “Guru” refers specifically to Lama Tsongkhapa. When we practice the sadhana of Dorje Shugden, we are indirectly practising the Guru yoga of Je Tsongkhapa. Gelugpa practitioners who have a sincere trust in Dorje Shugden will have no difficulty in generating unshakeable faith in Je Tsongkhapa and his teachings.

Both Je Tsongkhapa (‘peaceful Manjushri’) and Dorje Shugden (‘wrathful Manjushri’) are manifestations of the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri, as are the Dharma Protectors four-faced Mahakala and Kalarupa. Therefore, they are all the same enlightened nature.

6. Dorje Shugden’s mandala Deities are the same nature as the body mandala Deities of Lama Losang Tubwang Dorjechang

The Deities of Dorje Shugden’s mandala are the same nature as the Deities of the body mandala of Lama Losang Tubwang Dorjechang, who is in essence Je Tsongkhapa.

Lama Losang Tubwang Dorjechang is the principal object of refuge in the blessed Gelug practice of Offering to the Spiritual Guide (Tib: Lama Chöpa), which comes from Manjushri’s Emanation Scripture. In this practice we visualize within his body the thirty-two Deities of Guhyasamaja. These thirty-two Deities manifest as the thirty-two Deities of Dorje Shugden's mandala, indicating that Dorje Shugden is the same nature as Je Tsongkhapa and Guhyasamaja and thus a fully enlightened being.

Of the Deities of the five lineages of Dorje Shugden explained above, the principal Deity is Duldzin Dorje Shugden, who is the manifestation of the aggregate of consciousness of Lama Losang Tubwang Dorjechang. The remaining four lineages are manifestations of Lama Losang Tubwang Dorjechang’s remaining four aggregates. Je Tsongkhapa himself therefore manifests as an enlightened Protector and retinue to protect his Ganden tradition.

7. The practice of Dorje Shugden was taught by Je Tsongkhapa in Tushita Pure Land

Dorje Shugden arose as the principal Protector of Je Tsongkhapa's doctrine over 300 years ago, at the time of the Fifth Dalai Lama, who composed the first verse of praise to him. However, the current system of empowerment and worship is more recent and comes from a great Lama called
Tagphu Padmavajra. Lama Tagphu went to Tushita Pure Land where he met Je Tsongkhapa and requested a teaching. In response, Je Tsongkhapa lifted up the cloth covering the front of the golden throne on which he was sitting, and the five lineages of Dorje Shugden emerged. Dorje Shugden then transmitted the practice to Lama Tagphu, just as Maitreya had transmitted five major philosophical treatises to Asanga in Tushita Pure Land in earlier times.

Tagphu later transmitted these instructions to Pabongkhapa Dechen Nyingpo, who passed them on to Trijang Dorjechang Losang Yeshe -- spiritual father and son. From Trijang Rinpoche, they passed to our present day Gelugpa Teachers.

8. Dorje Shugden has been relied upon by the highest Lamas, who themselves have been recognized as enlightened

Well-regarded Gelugpa practitioners of Dorje Shugden include the 5th Dalai Lama, Kelsang Thubten Jigme Gyatso 1743-1811 (a tutor to the 9th Dalai Lama), Losang Thubten Wangchuk Jigme Gyatso 1775 – 1813 (head of the Gelugpa in Mongolia), Ngulchu Dharmabadra, the Indian master Shakya Shri Bhadra, the 11th Dalai Lama 1838 - 1856 (who installed Dorje Shugden as the Protector of the Gelugpa tradition), Gyara Tulku Rinpoche, Tomo Geshe Rinpoche (regarded by the 13th Dalai Lama as an emanation of Je Tsongkhapa), Serkong Rinpoche (regarded by the 13th Dalai Lama as Vajradhara),Tagpo Kelsang Khedrub Rinpoche, Pabongkha Rinpoche, Trijang Rinpoche, Ling Rinpoche, Khangsar Rinpoche, Tathag Rinpoche (in charge of the Tibetan Government after the death of the 13th Dalai Lama), Zong Rinpoche, Lobsang Tamdin, Ribur Rinpoche, Khen Rinpoche Losang Tharchin, Lati Rinpoche, Geshe Rabten, Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey, Khensur Rinpoche, Khechog Rinpoche, Dagyab Rinpoche, Gelek Rinpoche, Lama Yeshe, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Yongyal Rinpoche, the 14th Dalai Lama (until he was in his forties), Dagom Rinpoche, Gonsar Rinpoche, Gangchen Rinpoche and others.

These Lamas themselves have all been recognized as realized, holy beings, with many thousands of Tantric disciples who revered them as living Buddhas.

The later Lamas were all direct or indirect disciples of the great Pabongkha Rinpoche and Trijang Rinpoche. The 14th Dalai Lama says that Pabongkha Rinpoche and Trijang Rinpoche were “wrong” to worship Dorje Shugden, but they have been recognized as emanations of Heruka and Amitabha respectively, and were the principal upholders of Je Tsongkhapa’s Gelug doctrine in their time; so how can they be wrong?

9. Dorje Shugden performs the twenty-seven deeds of a Buddha

The highly realized Master, Tagpo Kelsang Khedrub Rinpoche, composed a verse of praise:

With deep faith I prostrate to you, Vajradhara Dorje Shugden.
Although you have already attained the Buddha ground
And engage in the twenty-seven deeds of a Buddha,
You appear in various forms to help the Buddhadharma and sentient beings.

These twenty-seven deeds, explained in the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras, range from showing living beings the way to enter the spiritual path to liberation up to guiding them to the final attainment of Buddhahood. Since Dorje Shugden performs all these twenty-seven deeds, it is clear that he is a Buddha.

Some people say that Dorje Shugden has harmed practitioners who have strayed from the Ganden tradition, but there are no examples of this forthcoming, whereas there are many examples of how Dorje Shugden has protected living beings. For example, Dorje Shugden was responsible for the Dalai Lama being able to safely travel from Tibet to India in 1959.

Even today, there are many Buddhist practitioners with their own stories to tell of how they have been protected by this Dharma Protector. Dorje Shugden's name means 'Vajra Possessing Strength', indicating that he has great power and strength to spread Buddhadharma and to help people in these degenerate times.

10. Relying upon Dorje Shugden leads to supramundane results

The difference between a Dharma Protector and a worldly protector is that the former is an enlightened being whereas the latter is not. Worldly protectors have no ability to flourish the Buddhadharma nor to protect Dharma realizations in a practitioner's mind. As a Dharma Protector, Dorje Shugden’s principal function is to protect our Dharma practice, not to help our mundane affairs.

Dorje Shugden always helps, guides, and protects faithful practitioners by granting blessings, increasing their wisdom, fulfilling their virtuous wishes, and bestowing success on all their virtuous activities. Dorje Shugden does not help only Gelugpas; because he is a Buddha, he helps all living beings.

Dorje Shugden has removed obstacles and created the conditions for the extraordinary growth of Je Tsongkhapa's teachings, and most importantly realizations of those teachings, in this current age. Je Tsongkhapa's doctrine is now spreading to countries throughout the world. For example, any spiritual success enjoyed by NKT and FPMT practitioners is due to the blessings of this Buddha. (Lama Yeshe, the founder of the FPMT, relied sincerely on Dorje Shugden throughout his life.)

Those who rely upon Dorje Shugden know that their spiritual realizations come from his blessings. However, as with a relationship with any holy being, this is something that can only be experienced by someone who relies on him with strong faith over a long period of time, steadily building their connection with him.

Gyara Tulku Rinpoche from Drepung Loseling Monastery wrote a prayer of gratitude, whose sentiments are shared by Dorje Shugden practitioners worldwide:

First you gave me a highly qualified Spiritual Guide
Under whom I studied and practised Dharma.
When through following misleading advice I came close to entering wrong paths,
You immediately hooked me back into the correct path.

O Duldzin, King of the Dharma, I thank you for your kindness.
Your body is the synthesis of all Sangha Jewels,
Your speech is the synthesis of all Dharma Jewels,
And your mind is the synthesis of all Buddha Jewels.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Barack Obama meets the Dalai Lama

Was Tibet under the Dalai Lama, his family and other aristocrats Shangri-la or the Dark Ages? An appraisal of some of the documented realities behind the Hollywood mirage could restore some balance to the exaggerated view of the Dalai Lama's saintliness and clear up some misunderstandings of his actual historical role.

Not a lot of people know that he has only been designated (by himself and now the world media) as 'spiritual leader of Tibet' since the 1950s. His actual position prior to the 1950s was as the temporal ruler of Tibet, wherein he had huge power over the feudal population.

So which does he want to be? If only the 'spiritual leader', why is he even involved in meeting politicians with the political aim of regaining Tibetan autonomy (under the institution of the Dalai Lamas)?