Thursday, May 13, 2010

Persecution of Dorje Shugden practitioners continues at Tibetan Camps and Monasteries

Notice on walls at Tibetan Settlement Camp 3 from the "enemy-defeaters"

To Devotees of Avalokiteśvara

In Camp no. 3, near the mustachioed Amdo's restaurant, a shop owned by a family of camp 4, they are Shugden worshipers, thus you all are strongly recommended not to walk in or buy anything from this shop.

signed: the group of enemy defeaters

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Note the irony of these terrible messages, which are basically saying:

"To the supporters of Avalokiteshvara, you are encouraged to cause suffering to others in the name of discrimination and religious intolerance. Thank you for your attention."

When did 'compassionate Buddhists' make it their duty to harm others? What a crazy, hypocritical world the Dalai Lama's shameful ban is creating.

Meanwhile, some more news from Shar Gaden Monastery and the nearby Tibetan Camps from an American visitor:

Hello Friends,

The monks here have just finished their exams and tomorrow the much anticipated results are to be announced. There has been much talk about how excellent all the monks performed. Everyone seems to be very excited to hear who will receive the top honors. Currently I am teaching 4 classes a day in basic English as well as private lessons in my free time...and I am loving every minute of it.

Every night I walk to the Tibetan camp 2 and visit with the only family there that has remained loyal to our precious protector. This family of one mother, her brother and 4 children has suffered unbelievable hardships due to the Dalai Lama's policies. They have had their house stoned as well as the constant harassment by all of their neighbors.

The first night walking there I was greeted by almost every Tibetan I came across. However, word must have spread because the very next night no one would even make eye contact with me much less return my greetings. How sad. This Tibetan family has been dealing with this abuse for years...and they don't get to go home to America in six months like I do.

I will be posting much more about this brave family and our courageous monks as the days go by...I am just now starting to get the taste of what things are like here.

You can follow his blog here.

Many people think that because Shar Gaden and Serpom monasteries exist, the monks now have a home and there's no problem. In fact, some supporters of the Dalai Lama have gone as far as to say that there is no ban because these monasteries exist so that the monks are obviously free to practise Dorje Shugden. However, the everyday reality is quite different. In both Shar Ganden and Serpom, reports indicate that the persecution and segregation ordered by the Dalai Lama continues in full fledge.

Dalai Lama, give religious freedom.


Jimmy said...

"Enemy defeaters"?!! Or Death Eaters?!

Anonymous said...

How do I make contact with the Dorje Shugden Society in Toronto Canada?

Thom said...

Does anyone comprehend the significance that this Dalia Lama was born and raised a Muslim in Tagster, Tibet? Does anyone understand his parents were Muslims? Does anyone understand the essence of this man is one of a Muslim. It is uncanny that people do not see the implications that this was not the correct Dalia Lama that was chosen in the first place.
Does everyone understand that the Nazi SS Offiecers officially commented on the serverity that the Ruling Lama Class treated the peasants to their astonishment being more harsh than Medieval Europe. He had tens of thousands of serfs and slaves at the time the Chines invaded.
'He could have liberated his own people while he was in power. Only when he was exposed, did he start shouting Free Tibet. Free for What? Reimplementing the Serf System.
What kind of lama take money for others to fight and die for his Kingdom?
Not a Buddhist One!
That would be impossible.


No one relishes pointing out anothers faults and and using detogatory words to draw attention to the others problems. We all are human and have problems.
It is only when some of us begin to think as Yertle the Turtle and misrepsent themselves from one side of the world to the other. This is what the Dalia Lama is busy doing. Busy being a Politician instead of a monk.
He can profess whatever poitical sentiment he wishes. I doubt Lord Buddha would ever have adhered to a political postion,But this man does.
Anyone can check the facts by simply reviewing the web site or read the book by the www.westernshugdensociety,co m new book that is the Dalia Lama own words taken into a book called,"The Great Deception" The High Lama Policy. Here on can decide for oneself, if this man is being straight or just hustling the naive West with his mundane Magician Powers?