Saturday, June 28, 2008

More politics behind the Dalai Lama's ban

(Taken from a thought-provoking comment submitted earlier):

The "politics behind the ban" is mainly the succession of the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama is removing from the Tibetan world anyone he suspects who might step in once he is absent. The Dalai Lama, family and friends fear from the Chinese and this fear grows as the Dalai Lama gets older. The Dalai Lama knows that any "outsider", such as a Chinese, would need support from inside the Tibetan community to step in his succession.

The usual suspect to step in when he dies is of course the Panchen Lama, a Gelug monk, living with the Chinese, who most likely is not following the Dalai Lama's ban. So the Dalai Lama has been applying a test to the Tibetans: the ban. Anyone not showing clearly (such as signing) that they neither rely upon Dorje Shugden nor support any Dorje Shugden practitioner can be identified and then treated as suspect, considered as Chinese agent, spirit worshiper, sectarian, removed from Tibetan world and ignored.

By tagging the Gelug school's lineage holders as spirit worshipers and by removing their followers from the Tibetan world, clearly shows that the Dalai Lama decided to destroy the Gelug school in the Tibetan world.

This is also the reason for the Dalai Lama to emphasize a "non-sectarian" or "ecumenical" approach, which is just a way to save his place in other traditions, once nothing is left from the Gelug tradition. This is also why a "Ri-me movement" is good for him. However, his "non-sectarian" emphasis and support to the "Rime movement" is just his now traditional "middle-way" approach, which in this case actually means half way from his goal of becoming the head of all Tibetan Buddhist schools (if anything is left by then).

The above are conclusions reached from facts and after reading what the Dalai Lama has said and when over the years. All this information is available in the news and so forth. If you investigate you can reach your own conclusions.

I hope the Dalai Lama, his family and friends can stop harming others and resolve his succession soon.

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Anonymous said...

No one in the Tibetan community lay or ordained, ordinary or high tulku can ever replace HHDL. No one has ever groomed anyone else to replace HHDL because every Tibetan believed they would return to a free independent Tibet within HHDL's lifetime. Obviously and painfully that is clear now that it will not happen.

Even HHDL says that Free Tibet or even a autonomous Tibet is a LOST CAUSE NOW. So no was expecting this type of result. Hence no preparation. All the preparation the Tibetan Exile Govt did was to return to a free and independent Tibet. Wrong preparations. Even now, which Lama or Minister is completely respected by the whole of the Tibetan populace? No one. There are high lamas that certain sects revere and other sects respect, but to be their overall political leader is impossible.

Once HHDL passes away, the whole Exiled Tibetan govt will crumble and fall apart. The ministers will immigrate to other countries if they can or just fall into obscurity. The Tibetans themselves in India and Nepal will be in a precarious situation. They will have to become Indians or return to Tibet or other host countries. Their priviledges will be taken away gradually within a decade as the govt of India will change. India will want to have stronger trade relations with China, their huge neighbour to the North. There will be no spokesperson for them anymore. There will be pockets of Free Tibet protests perhaps from the youths, but the older Tibetans are content with their Tibetan teas, prayers wheels and evening circumambulations. But gradually those protests will sink into silence. Tibet is a part of China and no country is willing to fight or oppose China otherwise.

Any other lamas would never be able to command the respect of all Tibetans on a political level, except HH the Panchen Lama and that is a gone case now.

So succession is just 'interesting' speculation or talk and it will end up nowhere. The institution of the Dalai Lamas are unique and very special. But this is the last of the Dalai lamas unfortunately. His incarnations will appear, but not in the capacity like the previous fourteen incarnations.