Friday, June 6, 2008

Buddhists speak out against the Dalai Lama

Article in British Asian News

Gordon Brown is making a terrible mistake. The Dalai Lama has been invited to speak before a committee of MPs on 22nd May 2008 to give evidence about human rights abuses in Tibet.

However, the Dalai Lama himself, Nobel Peace Prize winner and supposed champion of human rights, is busy at work forcefully and unlawfully removing innocent Buddhist practitioners from the Buddhist community under the smoke screen of the Olympic Torch Demonstrations. In a world where the Western and American ideal is a separation of politics and religion to prevent abuses of power, the Dalai Lama is the very embodiment of the union of politics and religion, with dire consequences.

Right now he is forcefully and unlawfully removing Tibetan Shugden worshippers from the Buddhist community, saying that the Shugden worshippers are not Buddhists because they are worshipping a Deity called Shugden who he alleges causes his life span to shorten and interferes with Tibetan independence. At the same time, he is preparing to remove the Western Shugden worshippers from the Buddhist community for the same reasons.

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