Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tibetan government bans Dorje Shugden practice in Tashi Lhunpo Monastery

Tashi Lhunpo Monastery wards off Dolgyal practice
Press Release/ Tashi Lhunpo Monastery[Monday, January 28, 2008 16:11]

On January 22 all the monks from Tashi Lhunpo Monastery in exile gathered to deliberate over Dorjee Shugden issue.

The monastery of Tashi Lhunpo, which has always been dedicated and devoted to His Holiness' welfare as well as to the Central Government's policy, formally declared that the problematic Dolgyal Shugden was not worshipped or propitiated by the monks of its monastery, nor will it be in the future.

In the evening of January 22 the entire community gathered in the prayer hall and each and every single monk took a formal oath in front of the pictures of Gyalwa Gedun Drup, the 10th Panchen Lama and Tashi Lhunpo's protector deity Palden Lhamo not to rely, practice and worship Dolgyal Shugden under no circumstances.

On 26th January, Tashi Lhunpo monks swore once more in the presence of dignitaries from the religious and political departments of the exile Government by drawing and counting wood sticks (tshul-shing). This came to confirm the already known stance that Dolgyal Shugden was not propitiated by the monks of Tashi Lhunpo.

Finally the office of the monastery stated that Tashi Lhunpo Monastery does not want to have any kind of relationship whatsoever with individuals, groups or organisations dealing with Dolgyal Dorjee Shugden.

For an article examining the validity of the "vote sticks", please see Dalai Lama's Referendum Contradicts Vinaya.


Anonymous said...

Could you add a link to that vote stick article someone wrote? I thought it was good, and important to show here not just that monks have decided to abandon the practice, but that they are essentially being forced to using illegal means and means which contradict the vinaya, Buddha's code of conduct for the ordained in this situation...


Anonymous said...

There is currently a very well reasoned and interesting article on the unfortunate mixture of religion and politics in Tibetan society on Investigating the Campaign Against Dorje Shugden.

Here is an extract:

"The fact that the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government in Exile have been able to subject the Tibetan populace to an oath swearing campaign, whereby they promise not to engage in prayer to Dorje Shugden or have dealings with anyone who does, harkens back to the religious persecution in England during the 17th century whereby religious uniformity was mandated by the state.

That this oath swearing campaign initiated by the Dalai Lama has bypassed our conscience and our concept of religious freedom as an unalienable human right is a sign of a deeper crisis that has emerged in the Tibetan and Buddhist Community. ....

...In the Al Jazeera news footage the interviewer asks Tsultrim Tenzin, member of the Tibetan Government in Exile, if the government debated the Dorje Shugden issue. He replied:

"There was no argument. If there was some opposition, then there will be some argument, but there is no opposition. We do not have any doubt about the Dalai Lama's decisions. We do not think he is a human being. He is a supreme human being, and he is god, he is Avalokiteshvara, he has no interest [in] himself, he always thinks of others. Everybody is happy. Our system is everybody is happy. There is democracy, full democracy. Everyone can experience whatever he likes"

.... So what we have here is the divine right of the Dalai Lama versus the rights of individuals to practice the prayer of their choosing. Thomas Jefferson could not have scripted a better example as to why the divine right of kings and the divine right of individuals are incompatible governing principles...

Anonymous said...

These actions are against basic moral discipline it seems to me.

In other words the Dalai Lama has acted in an immoral way and he has forced many thousands of others to act in the same immoral way. Immorality is what Buddhists are supposed to be against!

Just thinking about the karmic consequences of these actions makes me shudder...How tragic that these poor Tibetan people, who already have experienced such horrible ripening karma in the last 50 years are now creating such terrible causes for their future.

Thom said...

Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide!
The Nut and the Tree story offers insight into the activities that this Dalia Lama is a liar and a thief.
During August of 1999 and the Kalachakra took prescedence on the front page of every newspaper in Indiana.
On the local level in Bloomington, Indiana.
Thubten Norbu's wife, Kuaniang with her three sons,Kunga,Jigme and Lhundrop. All the Dalia's nephews and sister-in-law,reworked the books from that day's proceeds of the Kalachakra Event.
Stashing cash in their pockets and what have you so as not to look to conspicious, to Thubten Norbu and his brotherr the Dalia lama were watching TV upstairs.
The rumours of ill gotten gains made it to the local pub where reporters hung around to make a short byline.
Which was quickly pounced on by none other than a Full Front Page HHDL photo, he said as he hustled along to enter his limo, "Yes! The Money! It is very important to take care of and give a full accounting". What a bunch of Grifters, is amazing how blatant thet stole. Like Jackals feeding and tearing their prey to pieces. The Dalia family wanted to get yut of this small town to the big lights of Nepal. That's what Kuaninag said to me over and over. Get me out of here.
She's a Deva, afterall.

It all in the Bloomington,Indiana papers, Herald Telephone & Times" archive. Check it out. It's all there. Especially when you remember to go forward a few years and read the veredict for the stealing of the monies by the Norbus.
Amazing what money can buy! But they could not toss out all the trouble and got nailed in the process and white washed the Norbus as a definite contributor to the local economy. I heard they brought in like 30 million in a week for hotels and food and the like of this obscure little town.
Where the Norbu Boys thought they could skim some cream off ther top from these sod busters and got caught. Instead they spread the blame to the wife and the boys. Keeping Norbu's legacy alive with the likes of John Mellancamp's Wife and Band with Bob Thurman. A traitor to the Democratic Ideals and Bill Of Rights.
So have your say, it proof that they are both acorns that did not fall far from the twisted tree, that was a lied to begin with.
Imagine a man lying as truly a Muslim in Saffron Robes to all of us. They bought the baby Tenzin for 400,000 pices of silver to keep quiet that the village of Tagster was a Muslim Commuity.
The Dalia lama lied about the money his family was stealing in the midst of the proceeding of the Great and Wonderful Kalachakra.
It's all in the Court records and that's what one needs to observe. That is, that the two Norbu brothers, Thupbten and Tenzin Gyatso Norbu were lying about the money and stealing as much money as they could get away with from the 12,000 people who attended the Kalachakra, from all over the world were robbed by the hyenas.
I know,I stood alone day after day at the gate and was blocked by six heavily armed US Department of State Security Guards. They surrounded me and refused to allow me admittance onto the land I gifted the Dalia lama in 1979 and mowed and maintained the grounds for nigh well two deacades.
Twelve days and nights, the Norbus ad black monks harassed me, broke my windows and shouted threat from the darkness of night. You see,I lived next door to 112 acres, in days when Dalia lama was hardly a name known by anyone.Everyone is Welcome to the Kalachkra, the papers proclaimed!
Except for me and the Shugden monks
on the other side of town.They were
afraid of their old Slave Master.I
was the only one of the Devoted to Shri Dorje Shugden, King Protector of the Dharma to test their mettle
and stand my ground.One day at a time,over 12 long days.I saw my friend Richard Gere and Bob Thurman and Steven Stegall ride by in silence in their long limos and smile.
I watched as old friends I had known for years, walk 100 feet out of their way to avoid me.
Equanimity takes on a different dimension when you realize that Dalia lama had come to Bloominton for one purpose ane the Kalachakra
was a front. He came to destroy the Shugden Monastery that was now installed by the High Lamas, Kyabje's Trijang, Domo Gehe,Dagom, Gonsar, Zong,Kundenling Rinpoches and others, Who could not make it to town. Noticeable of course, was the Bodhisattva Warrior of Shambala, Geshe Kesang Gyatso.

Dalia lama gave me a real good going over during and after the Kalachakra and nearly killed me in the proces.
But I survived to tell my tale over and over until he is revealed for the Devil he is.

It is so dissappointing!
But hey there!
Wake up!