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An Exhortation to Ostracism with False Reasons

We have recently received a translation of a letter from Geshe Tashi Tsethar of Sera Monastery offering invalid reasons to ostracise Dorje Shugden practitioners from Tibetan society and encouraging everyone to do so.

Here is the text of this shameful document:

Not allowed to share religious and material relation with Dholgyal worshippers!

To the public, ordained and laity, of Tibetan and Himalayan regions;

I will give brief explanation on the reason why [you] are not allowed to share religious and material relation with Dholgyal or Shugden worshippers.

...With regard to the political advises and important instructions on the worship of Dholgyal since 1970 by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Bikshu who is the emanation of Avalokiteshvara, all Tibetans outside and inside Tibet who recognize Buddha as undeceivable savior, have recanted worship of Dholgya and taken oath not to worship in future, without frittering their wisdom of distinguishing savior and non-savior. They are worthy of praise because they did great virtuous for this and next life... Yet, without being satisfied to such extend, all the ordained and laity, the followers of our protector [Dalai lama], should initiate campaign widely...

...In 2008, in the compassionate speech given by His Holiness during the inaugural ceremony of Assembly Hall of Drepung Monastery, he instructed not to share religious and material relation with Dholgyal worshippers. As such, all Gelug monasteries including three ‘Great Seats’ complied with his word; and immediately 99 % did Samantabatra, picking up the yellow vote-stick. The worshippers of evil spirit Dholgya launched defamation against His Holiness the Dalai Lama. They fed propaganda that this was forced by His Holiness and Tibetan Government in exile. Nevertheless, no result is possible than merely pleasing China Communist Country. The instructions given by His Holiness at date are consistent with democracy and truth. There is no word of order by force...

...In the wake of oath campaign conducted in the respective monasteries, you the unreligious have already expelled from your monastery. Therefore, that the religious monks would not share religious and material relation with you is consistent with Vinaya...

...Whether you are an ordained or laity, regardless of four traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, it is the intention of Tantra that you are not allowed to share religious and material relation with Dholgyal followers who blame, condemn and annoy Vajra Guru. As such, you should aware that Gelugpa is not only one who ought to fulfill this. If you don’t do so, you will face root downfall of Secret Mantra vow, which is “ Relying upon malevolent friends”.

...You, the leaders and followers of Dholgyal, if you examine these texts with respect for few days, you are possible to create imprint in order to release from this non-religious.

... without falling into the trap of deception and finance, and in keeping with freedom and Buddha’s intention, all Tibetans and Himalayans who have respect and faith in His Holiness the Dalai Lama must decide to cut the religious and material relation with them.. In this regard you must endeavor since it is a superior source of benefit and happiness.

In the end I request holy beings of all Traditions, Gaden Tri Rinpoche, Shartse Choeje, Jangtse Choeje, abbots of monasteries, Geshes and Tulkus, and administrators, to provide clear instructions to monk community from time to time.

I appreciate if you photocopy and distribute.

Geshe Tashi Tsethar,

Drati Khamtsen, Sera-Jey
November 18, 2009

This is yet more evidence, as if we needed more, that the Dalai Lama completely lacks compassion because this letter would not have been issued without his request and total agreement of the content. While he travels around the world hypocritically teaching about love, compassion and tolerance, he is secretly waging a war against Dorje Shugden practitioners, the students of his root Guru Trijang Dorjechang, for his own political purposes. He must not be seen to be doing this, so he gets others, such as Geshe Tsethar, to do his 'dirty work' for him. The Dalai Lama does not have the four arms of Avalokiteshvara, rather he has the two faces of a deceitful politician wearing a spiritual mask, abusing the Dharma for his own position and power.

The intention behind this letter is harmful and the reasons given as justification are absurd. Geshe Tsethar tries hard to justify the persecution of Shugden practitioners as a 'democratic action', but in reality all the negativity towards Dorje Shugden and his practitioners is the work of the Dalai Lama and his followers alone. It is they who have created this problem of disharmony in the Buddhist community. Also, astoundingly, the Geshe praises those practitioners who have recanted the worship of Shugden saying that they created great virtue for this and future lives when, in reality, they have had no choice but the abandon the practice under great pressure from the Tibetan Government in Exile, and in so doing they have broken their commitments to their Gurus. How is this great virtue? It is great non-virtue and more lies from the Dalai Lama.

How can the Dalai Lama be a 'Vajra Guru' when he is not keeping even the most basic commitment of Buddhist refuge, to abandon harming others? For years the Dalai Lama has granted Kalachakra empowerment in large public gatherings in contradiction to Buddha Vajradhara's intentions. His reason for doing this has been to bolster his own reputation and to create samaya (a holy bond between Teacher and disciple) with all these disciples so that he can control them. As it says in the Mongoose Canine Letter:

Nowadays you have given the Kalachakra initiation so many times you have made the Tibetan people into donkeys. You can force them to go here and there as you like. In your words you always say that you want to be Gandhi but in your action you are like a religious fundamentalist who uses religious faith for political purposes. Your image is the Dalai Lama, your mouth is Mahatma Gandhi and your heart is like that of a religious dictator.

In Geshe Tsethar's letter, we see the most shameful and cynical exploitation of this sacred bond in order to stop Tibetans from associating with the Shugden practitioners who the Dalai Lama has declared (somewhat inexplicably) to be his enemies. A true bodhisattva has no enemies but views all living beings with kindness and love. This is another reason why the Dalai Lama is most certainly not Avalokiteshvara - he's no bodhisattva because he has enemies. These innocent spiritual practitioners have annoyed the 'Vajra Guru' because they will not obey his irrational command to abandon a holy practice given to them by their Gurus. The Dalai Lama's disregard of sacred commitments and his annoyance are clear indications that he is not the Buddha or bodhisattva other people say he is.

This letter does offer a ray of hope - it would not have been written if complete ostracism of Shugden practitioners had already taken place in Tibetan society. It has been seen in the past that when the Dorje Shugden issue has died down and the monasteries were not discriminating against the practitioners of this Deity, the Dalai Lama came along to whip up sectarian hatred once again. This last happened in January 2008 when the furore of the 1996 ban of the practice had subsided and, to accomplish his goals, the Dalai Lama has even coerced and threatened the Abbots of Gelugpa monasteries. We can only surmise that because this letter has had to be been written, the Dalai Lama's wish to isolate and harm Shugden practitioners has not been carried out to his satisfaction. Perhaps their families have too much love and compassion to follow the Dalai Lama's hateful edicts. I am sure they wish this problem would just go away.

It is to be hoped for the sake of millions of Dorje Shugden practitioners who have already suffered greatly at the hands of this self-serving politician wearing a spiritual mask that they do not heed his latest sectarian call based on wrong religious arguments.


Bill Esterhaus said...

It's terrible to see this - it's cruel and uncompassionate. The Dalai Lama's heart must be a block of ice! He doesn't even rate as a spiritual person, much less a Buddhist.

What's shocking is the quality of the arguments that are used to justify this cruelty. Of course there is no justification for this, but in the past the Gelugpas were renowned for their sharp minds and incisive reasoning - now we get junk like this that even a five year old child could refute. It's so so sad how Je Tsongkhapa's beautiful tradition has degenerated! :-(

Thom said...

We must forgive this Geshe Tashi Tsethar. He is unexposed and uneducated beyond his buddhist training. Being educated does not mean you have a wide, open, exposed view of the world. At the same time he desperately wants to get into the Dalai Lama's good books. His attempt to 5 mins of claim to fame within the Tibetan exile communities. May Geshe have happiness, correct view and peace. May he put his buddhist learning into solitary retreats ending in realizations.

1. Can such a letter take weight in any democratic country such as US, UK, Germany, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, France, etc?

2.What democratic country in the world TODAY would tolerate ostracizing a group because of their religious beliefs?
3. What leader in the democratic countries today can openly say to avoid and not have any spiritual/material connections with a group of people because of their relgious beliefs?

4. What democratic govt or it's ppl would OFFICIALLY ban a type of worship of any god, deity or divine being?

5. In democratic countries, if you wish, you may worship satan. The govt must provide satan worshippers with full rights as with any other citizens of their country.

6. In Majority Catholic Italy, there are jews, muslims, buddhists, sikhs, hindus also. But the minorities religions have not federal or state bans/rules/ostracization against them. The pope and the prime minister of Italy couldn't speak against other minority religions or practices.

7. The many Tibetans go along with what the Dalai lama says because they are not exposed to the outside world, democracy or freedom. If you don't fall in line with the Dalai Lama, you are a traitor and branded a Chinese spy instantly. That would mean further ostracization from the Tibetan Communities and it would be taboo or traitorous to associate with you.

8. The Dalai Lama should not ostracize or speak out against any religious practice within Tibet and outside. Muslims, jews, christians, hindus, satanists all can join in his talks, ceremonies, initiations if they wish. They are not in alignment with his thought at all. I would say that Dorje Shugden ppl are not in alignment with his thought on one issue only. So Why are they not given the same rights as other exiled Tibetans.

9. If the Dalai Lama wants to bring peace, closure and autonomy for Tibet, he must go to Beijing, and make friends with the Chinese Govt before it is too late. After all, he is in his seventies already. Branding Tibetans to be on Chinese payroll, but at the same time calling the chinese his sisters/brothers does not make sense.

10. Dorje shugden worshippers just like any other citizens of this planet do not deserve to be biased or sidelined due to their religious beliefs in today's 21st century modern world of science and

Lineageholder said...

Thom, good points, thank you.

Geshe Tsethar is simply a pawn of the Dalai Lama so he is not to blame for this latest attempt to pitch Tibetans against Tibetans. I'm astounded that the Dalai Lama can get away with sectarian demands like this in this modern, democratic age. It's simply an indication of his Theocratic mindset, believing that he is above the law.

Thom said...
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Wisdomsword said...

Thom, I've removed your last couple of comments because they contain links that don't work but it would be great if you could repost with working links. The one about the court case would be more appropriate under this:


Thom said...

“Even President Obama during his visit to China last month said that US is recognizing ‘Tibet as a part of the People’s Republic of China’, but he did not say part of China,” Samdung said"

Really pathetic that Samdung cannot differentiate between nations known as USA or People's Republic of China is somehow different than China or the United States Of America.Who is he really trying to deceive? No wonder the TGIE never get anywhere with anything, except stealing money for Buddha's Teaching for which DL charges alot, alot more than anyone else in recorded history.

Thom said...

One thing is clear. He is scared and let us know he threatens us again.
Do these people have any idea how ludricous he sounds with his Bullying and childish ploy could only frighten the ignorant minds of his refugees. Face the facts Dalia, you have lost and I mean real bad. Why not just sit down and shut up? We adults have serious business to attend, little man.

"As such, you should aware that Gelugpa is not only one who ought to fulfill this. If you don’t do so, you will face root downfall of Secret Mantra vow, which is “ Relying upon malevolent friends”.

...You, the leaders and followers of Dholgyal, if you examine these texts with respect for few days, you are possible to create imprint in order to release from this non-religious.

... without falling into the trap of deception and finance, and in keeping with freedom and Buddha’s intention, all Tibetans and Himalayans who have respect and faith in His Holiness the Dalai Lama must decide to cut the religious and material relation with them.. In this regard you must endeavor since it is a superior source of benefit and happiness."

Thom said...

Nation Review article January 1974

The truth is that the Dalai Lama’s departure from his own capital was engineered by the CIA American agents who flew air cover for the Dalai lama’s party, dropping supplies and money, and strafing Chinese positions.

A Secret War on the Roof of the World

In 1958, the Dalai Lama was a 23-year-old god-king on the verge of losing his realm. The Chinese communists were closing in, and Tibet's spiritual leader was desperate. That's when he first heard that the Central Intelligence Agency was stepping up its activities in his domain. The Dalai Lama's lord chamberlain arranged a meeting for him with two CIA-trained guerrillas, so they could demonstrate their skills. The Tibetan warriors pulled out a bazooka, fired it, then took 15 minutes to reload before they fired again. His Holiness was incredulous.

"Will you shoot once and then ask the enemy to wait 15 minutes?" he asked his disciples. "Impossible." But the lord chamberlain and other advisers were enthusiastic. Although the Dalai Lama would have to flee into exile in India, freedom fighters were already battling China's Army, and they had direct radio contact with the CIA. "They gave the impression that once I arrived in India, great support would come from the United States," the Dalai Lama told NEWSWEEK in an earlier interview. "It's a sad, sad story."

Anonymous said...

Thom & others. I've been surfing a lot & a lot of anti religion people who were saying, the other religions suck but Buddhism is ok are now saying, look at the shugden split created by the dalai lama. These people arent brainwashed by the Dalai Lama & many of them already know the problems created by dough balls divinations oracles and prostrating to human beings & building palaces for them & hanging on their every word. So I think Buddhism will soon be alloted by them as a worship of human beings that backfires dramatically and gives to much power to a human.

Thom said...

I also learned of the plight of Tibetans in India that worship the Deity Dorje Shugden. It appears the Dalai Lama has called them Demon worshipers and has banned them from their worship and takes responsibility for their harsh treatment and the suppression of their human rights (see video below).

......The Dalai Lama praises the monasteries that have expelled thousands of Shugden practitioners and accepts full responsibility for the expulsions, whilst ordinary Tibetans explain the repercussions the Dalai Lama's heartless ban has had on their lives. The video concludes with an interview with an MP from the Tibetan Government in Exile which leaves the viewer in no doubt that the responsibility for the persecution of Shugden practitioners lies entirely in the hands of the Dalai Lama....

....Vigilante mobs of fanatical followers of the Dalai Lama, acting in the spirit of his public pronouncements, stormed into temples and private homes, seizing and destroying pictures and statues of Dorje Shugden – even taking them from shrines. Mobs attacked Dorje Shugden practitioners and their homes with stones and petrol bombs, destroying their possessions and threatening their lives.
People lost their jobs, children were expelled from schools, and monks were expelled from monasteries; foreign travel permits and visas were denied; refugee aid, monastic stipends and allowances were cut off; and forced signature campaigns were undertaken. In these and many other ways that made Tibetans outcasts from their own already exiled community, the Dalai Lama, in the guise of his government, ministers and associated organisations, introduced a reign of terror against tens of thousands of his own people, making restrictions similar to those imposed on the Jewish people in Germany in the early years of Hitler’s rule......Source: Western Shugden Society

There has to be some accountability even among the religious (especially among the religious) and those made into Saints and Gods by the Corporate/Government/Media Complex. These people being persecuted are only guilty of worshiping in a different way then prescribed by the Dalai Lama. His 'Holiness' should take a look at The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Thom said...

Praises to Khache Marpo (kha che dmar po) by the Fifth Dalai Lama:

Riding on a saddled precious horse
Having the power of the wind,
Traversing the universe in an instant,
Praise to Yaksha Khache Marpo, the doctrine's watchman.

Furious mighty being biting the lower lip,
Three eyes blazing the sun and moon watching enemies,
Emanating messengers taking the life of false guides,
Praise to the liberator of the ten enemies.

Wearing leather armor, banners, colored garb and
Leather helmet with a victory banner, treasury of 9 good signs,
Tying enemies with a lasso, piercing their hearts with a lance,
Praise to you and your retinue.

These praises are taken from a ritual to Khache Marpo written by the Fifth Dalai Lama (5DL, Volume Da folios 147r-148r). According to the colophon Khache Marpo requested the Fifth Dalai Lama to write this ritual. Khache Marpo is most commonly known as Dorje Shugden's minister (ODT, 143).

Trode Khangsar is Dorje Shugden's Ashokan Pillar, according to the White Conch Dictionary it was established by the Fifth Dalai Lama himself. Management of Trode Khangsar was entrusted to Riwo Choling monastery, a Gelug monastery in Lhoka. On the same lot of Trode Khangsar was a small shrine called Monkyi Khangsar (smon skyid khang gsar) where Khache Marpo was invoked via oracle (WCD, 1312).

Thom said...

Washington Post
U.S.-China relations to face strains, experts say
The United States and China are headed for a rough patch in the early months of the new year as the White House appears set to sell a package of weapons to Taiwan and as President Obama plans to meet the Dalai Lama, U.S. officials and analysts said.
- By John Pomfret

thomascanada wrote:
Dare I say that this Dalia Lama is a trash talking grifter and has no international status other than a dictator of a medieval theocracy, which enslaved millions of Tibetans as mere Serfs or Speaking Tools until the Chinese threw his effervescent bottom out the door.
This stooge for the CIA enlisted thousand of Insurgents to fight the Chinese in their own country for some 12 years or so, It is the servant that takes the money and it no Buddha that send people to their deaths and chastises others as he has to find himself before the High Courts of New Delhi for charges of Persecution amongst his own people.We await the verdict from the Courts this Spring and the Western Shugden Society has a complete expose based upon HHDL's own words and deeds to review which substaniates the charges listed over decades of abuse. A Buddha does not charge money for the Teachings Of Lord Buddha as this shister does to people seeking solace and encouragement.
OBAMA WILL DROP THE LAMA AND DL WILL NEVER MEET THIS PRESIDENT. No matter how hard Pelosi and Gere push this fruit vendor, his days are numbered and his legacy is going down the tubes. Too bad! he almost fooled the world, Not any longer
1/3/2010 4:00:01 PM

LibertySpinner wrote:
"The Dalai Lama is a greater spiritual leader than the Pope. He is a true pacifist and gives great spiritual empowerments to masses of people who come to hear and see him in ceremonies.
For those of you who do not know what holy really is go see the Dalai Lama and feel the presence of the Holiness emanating through him to you.
After that you will know the Oneness."

Liberty spinner suffers from endoctrination by the mayonaise splattered hoax show put on by his unholiness the pond of wisdom, salivating for more money, money, money.....hey Gere and Thurman, Stop your grinning and drop your linen.The Party is over for you and yours.
Only Fools covet gold over dharma.

Anonymous said...

One thing is the letter, ANY letter the rest is your comment!

I think I have been victimized by the letter yet I am not angry.

Isn't that the 7 point mind training? What happened to practice?

What is everyone fretting or fussing about? Maybe holy sangha has to listen I relate to whom I wish.

I think our main practice is exchange self and other so give THEM a break to then cry foul.

Also while in retreat i did not realize I am a leaper, but something I did notice. Thanks good post.

Thom said...

Western Shugden SocietyJanuary 26, 2010
The Ganden Tripa has joined Shar Gaden Monastery
Filed under: buddhism — goldenmala @ 2:32 am
Tags: dalai lama, dorje shugden, ganden shartse monastery, ganden tripa, gelugpa, india, shar gaden monastery, shugden, tibet, tibetan buddhism

Ganden Trisur Rinpoche
The Ganden Tripa or Gaden Tripa is regarded as the spiritual leader of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism. This news about the Ganden Tripa was posted today by a TK on the forum. I’ve edited the post for length and clarity.

“The term of office for the current Ganden Tripa has finished. He has successfully finished his term. He now has the title of His Holiness Ganden Trisur Rinpoche Lungri Namgyal. He primarily resides in France although he has a ladrang in Ganden Shartse, Nepal and Yangthing, Tibet.

Ganden Trisur Rinpoche belongs to the Dokhang Khangtsen house of Ganden Shartse Monastery formerly. He studied and received his Geshe degree in Ganden Shartse. Later he became Ganden Tripa.

Ganden Trisur Rinpoche has never journeyed to Ganden Shartse Monastery to swear in or take the oath to forsake Dorje Shugden. In a stunning turn around, he has officially left Gaden Shartse Monastery and joined Shar Gaden Monastery. Ganden Trisur’s assistant was sent to speak with the current Ganden Shartse Abbot that he is leaving Shartse Monastery.

Ganden Trisur’s throne that is in Shartse will remain in Shartse just like Trijang Rinpoche’s throne although he has left Shartse Monastery completely. HH Ganden Trisur Rinpoche was the student of the previous Kyabje Trijang Dorje Chang.

This eventful move will embarrass the Tibetan Government in exile and also ‘teach’ them a lesson. That not everyone is afraid of them and there are high ranking lamas who will stand up for what they believe. With time, more and more monks will defect to Shar Gaden Monastery because they remain loyal to their lineage, lamas, and practices.

In Sera, Gaden, Drepung, Tashilungpo, Gyuto and Gyurme Monasteries take a “fake oath”, as they put it, to temporarily quiet down the Tibetan Government in Exile and their unjust/undemocratic persecution of Dorje Shugden devotees.

They stand up in front of the congregation (if they don’t, then expulsion from the monastery) and read the words that ’swear’ they abandon Dorje Shugden and will not be associated with Dorje Shugden followers in any manner. The monks say they just read the words and do not feel anything from their heart. It is pure persecution. Many monks dare not say or speak out against the Tibetan Government, but they are in that opinion. With Ganden Trisur’s recent move, it will give strength to many who are persecuted up till today.”