Friday, November 20, 2009

A Hypocrite

Here is another excerpt from the new Western Shugden Society book, 'A Great Deception', taken from the fourth chapter, 'A Hypocrite'

Although the Dalai Lama talks constantly about love and compassion, his own actions have brought and continue to bring misery and unhappiness. Since 1996, this false Dalai Lama has unceasingly inflicted heavy and unjust punishment on Dorje Shugden practitioners – all of whom are completely innocent of any crime or misdemeanour. Using his people like an army, the Dalai Lama has destroyed many Shugden temples and shrines, caused millions of people to experience inhumane situations and unbearable feelings of pain, and expelled all Shugden practitioners from the Tibetan community. He has caused innocent people to become severed from their families, friends, monasteries and communities. Thousands of Shugden practitioners have been forced into refugee status for the second time in their life, as they try to escape the inhumane treatment by seeking exile in other countries.

On 8 February 2008, this Dalai Lama caused the expulsion of 900 monks from their monasteries in India. Earlier, on January 9th, he had been invited to inaugurate a Prayer Hall for a large monastic community in South India. At this supposedly spiritual event he publicly announced a 'Referendum on the practice of Dolgyal' (Dolgyal is the false name for Dorje Shugden, which the Dalai Lama uses with a negative attitude), insisting on a collection of votes on this issue by the deadline of February 8th. Each monk was required to cast his individual vote. But since when did any spiritual practice become the object of a political vote like this?

The voting itself was held in public, in full view of monastery administrators, by casting coloured sticks indicating either 'yes' or 'no', with no possibility of abstention. As a direct result of this so-called referendum 900 innocent monks were then summarily expelled from their monasteries.

Most of the 900 monks were very poor and had no other place to live; many were fearful of the future and actually wept as they were forced to leave. The false Dalai Lama is clearly breaking the law by inflicting such blatant religious persecution. Making this difficult situation worse for the expelled monks is the message now being issued by his representatives to the Tibetan community, that anyone who helps Dorje Shugden practitioners will receive similar punishment. Furthermore, anyone who dares not to follow the orders of the Dalai Lama is publicly denounced by his government ministers and declared a 'Chinese supporter'. Not satisfied with this, his ministers encourage groups within the Tibetan community to humiliate, discredit and ostracise the people denounced, and to distribute 'wanted'-style posters giving their names, addresses and biographical details, and those of their families.

Becoming aware of the international public horror at these recent violations, which clearly stem from the single-minded policy of the Dalai Lama alone, the Tibetan Prime Minister and other officials within the exile Tibetan government then started a campaign to distance the Dalai Lama from this referendum, and from the resulting inhumane victimisation of a whole section of the Tibetan community. Such official deception, hypocrisy and duplicity is truly astounding.

One only needs to hear the speeches of the Dalai Lama and to witness current events within the Tibetan community to understand the truth. It should be clear to the international public, and to world leaders, governments and other organisations that it is the false Dalai Lama himself and no one else who solely initiated and who solely maintains the prevalent discrimination, persecution and intolerance within Tibetan society today.


Anonymous said...

This is fascinating I wanted to share it with you guys. Its is a biography of the Dalai Lama by Dreyfuss. It clearly shows him forcing his Gelugpa monks and nuns to attend Ningma teachings. This is like forcing Catholics to attend protestant. I think this is a big part of why the Dalaia Lama is making these claims Gelugpas are sectarian. Because they didnt like being forced to attend these teachings see

Quote from Dreyfuss:
As an expression of his resolve to return to the ritual system developed by the Fifth Dalai Lama, the present Dalai Lama developed the role of Nying-ma rituals in the practice of his own personal Nam-gyel monastery. The monastery's repertoire was expanded from the usual Ge-luk tantric rituals to include typical Nying-ma practices such as Vajra k^laya and others. He invited several Nying-ma lamas to give teachings and empowerments to his monks. He also ordered them to do appropriate retreats. I remember the tongue in cheek comments of some of my friends of the Nam-gyel monastery about their "becoming Nying-ma-bas.”They were surprised, taken aback and uncomfortable, for the rituals of the Nam-gyel monastery had been for many years Ge-luk, not very different from that of the two tantric colleges. They were ready to follow the Dalai Lama, however, despite their obvious misgivings.

Another key element in the Dalai Lama's strategy of returning to the Fifth's ritual system was the institution in October 1975 of a yearly ceremony of making a hundred thousands offerings to Guru Rin-bo-che. The collective worship of Guru Rin-bo-che would restore the synergy that existed between this figure and the Tibetan people, thus strengthening the power of the gods appointed by Guru Rin-bo-che to protect Tibetans from danger. But this event was not very successful. Many Ge-luk monks and nuns felt rather lukewarm, if not downright hostile, toward Guru Rin-bo-che, and abstained from attending the event. They profoundly resented the adoption of rituals they saw as coming from an alien tradition.

Anonymous said...

It also says that Pabongkhapa was sectarian which is disgusting smearing.

Dreyfuss himself says that before the Dalai Lama 'took charge' this was the state of affairs. This shows clearly how bad a job the Dalai Lama has done for Tibetan Buddhism. It didnt seem good Georges... It WAS good. Because Trijang actually knew how to look after Buddhism. The fact is if Trijang was alive still & leading there would be no walls dividing monks. No bootings of monks from monasteries. No shism & no conflict. It would still SEEM GOOD today. WHY is it Trijangs fault that the Dalai Lama is creating disaster. Trijang proved he was an enlightened being by his ability to create harmony & make people feel like they are in a golden age of Buddhism. The Dalai Lama doesnt have those abilities. He has a residue of them because he learnt from Trijang but he is not accomplishing the harmony that Trijang did he is failing disastrously. The only thing that is keeping the sangha hopeful is remembering how good things were when Trijang & Pabongkhapa were leading the Gelugpa tradition!

Quote Dreyfuss:
Thus, at the beginning of the 70s, the tradition seemed to be strong and united in its admiration of its great teachers, the Dalai Lama and his two tutors, a trinity that almost providentially seemed to be the mirror image of the original relation between Dzong-ka-ba and his two disciples. Nobody would have dreamed of the crisis that was about to come.

Thom said...

The Dalai Lama on Friday hinted that the judiciary was not free from corruption, making the remark in the presence of Supreme Court and Delhi High Court judges.

“Maybe in the judiciary, some pocket money is working,” the Tibetan spiritual leader said in response to a question at the 15th Justice Sunanda Bhandare Memorial Lecture.

When it was pointed out that senior judges were in the audience, the Dalai Lama said, “I apologise… I was too blunt.”

Asked about the Dalai Lama’s comments, Delhi High Court Chief Justice A.P. Shah said, “No, no… I don’t think he meant it.”

Anonymous said...

the main position of most of us Shugdens is that we dont want to be going against the Dalai Lama. Unity is best for all those in Buddhism not division and infighting. But the Dalai Lama has created this situation by forcing his new edited version which is creating a great amount of discord & infighting. We always practice what the previous generation did & what their teachers did & so on. This system of unbroken lineage of traditional practices is under threat. We can let our 'bibles' be edited else the future generations will not have access to the original instructions. This needs to be sorted as Buddhism is very important & we need to present ourselves to the world as a group of sects that are harmonius united & a family of sects. Otherwise if we appear to be fighting & blickering people will conclude Buddhism doesnt work. Thats why the WSS is pushing the Dalai Lama so hard. Because the Dalai Lama can sort all this out & the future of Buddhism is in his hands. Is the sangha going to be with a schism or is it going to be harmonious?

Infinite said...

I usually ask why? ... to try to understand. Sometimes helps.
It looks that the Dalai Lama first did and continue doing his road-shows around the world talking about peace, compassion, etc. So everyone agrees with him and have in the top of their mind, "yes, he is good, he is right".
At some point in time, the majority around the world had in the top of their minds that "he's right." Under this situation he says contradictory things and acts in contradictory ways, like pretend believing in peace but supported a guerilla, talk about harmony and compassion but promote the segregation and discrimination to people believing in Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden.
It is very difficult to understand. Actually, he seems to want also this... to make it very confusing. Then people get tired and don’t want it complicated, “bottom-line… is he right or wrong?" ... for many of us having neither wisdom nor common sense the answer in the first place depends on what is in the top of the mind.
This is much better for him. The different answers divide people... and he proposes himself as the union of all. It results somehow in what we would say in the West "divide and rule".

Thom said...

Dorje Shugden clears away the confusion and truth is the way!
It what he does to aid we mere mortals lost and confused, but no more.
Wake up the Room is Filled with Light!
The Master is here!
I feel a trillion light fibers course through my being connecting me instantly to all my Brothers and Sisters
The world is filled with light and glorious melodies. The sounds still my heart.
I hear songs of peace and bliss.
No blame, no scorn.
We float down the river with the retinue of Buddhas.
I have no fear.
Only certainty, that we are never alone.
Shri Dorje Shugden, the Supreme Dharma Protector.
Has gone before us and prepared our dais to seek his love and knowledge.
Freely given with Immeasurable Love.
No charge, no fee for the Teachings of Lord Buddha
Love that flows more sweetly than honey from the cone.
As a pitcher fills the cup unto the brim.
So to, we receive these Blessings!