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The Dalai Lama's Power Trip

Sometimes in the midst of the detailed polemical discussion on the Internet of whether or not Dorje Shugden is a Buddha or a spirit, the fact that Shugden and non-Shugden practitioners lived together harmoniously and in mutual respect until the 1970s gets forgotten. These heated discussions are only taking place because the Dalai Lama publicly demoted Dorje Shugden, a Protector Buddha loved by his own teachers and thousands of other people. On the basis of his own high status as the unquestioned head of Tibetans and the most famous Buddhist in the world, the Dalai Lama's words have had the power to destroy the reputation of this Buddhist Deity and the great, revered masters who relied upon him.

These cruel, intolerant words are what have caused the severe schismatic problems now being faced by the Tibetan exile community and the bad reputation of previously respected Shugden practitioners around the world.

The words below are not those of a humble man, but of a man who knows full well the power he wields over his people.

The reasons he gives are based mainly on the provocative claim that Dorje Shugden is a Chinese spirit and thus a danger to the Dalai Lama’s life and health, a shibboleth that has never been backed up by any reasoning or evidence. When his words to the Tibetan people are examined, they show a depth of superstition quite out of keeping with the rational teachings of Lord Buddha.

To form a political decision and destroy religious freedom based on these reasons seems preposterous, and the resulting persecution is bewildering, a Buddhist witch hunt.

From the address delivered by the Dalai Lama at the preparatory session of Tamdrin Yangsang and Sangdrub empowerments, March 21 1996

"Since it happens according to government oracles that Dholgyal (Shugden) relates to Chinese Buddhist deities, we actually mentioned him by name in our exorcism based on Tamdrin at that time. Though these exorcisms cannot be relied upon, I have had strange dreams since then. Therefore I do not feel it will be comfortable for me to have worshippers of Shugden here. If acrimony between deities results in disharmony between humans, it will be spiritual ruination."

The Dalai Lama goes on to explain:

"This will affect the life span of the spiritual master as well".

He then points out and praises those former practitioners of Dorje Shugden, including "abbots and spiritual masters", who have given up and "become pure".

He explains how he knows that Dorje Shugden is a Chinese spirit based on locals' dreams:

"Others have reported of a bearded monk strangling them: this is very clear indication that Shugden is a Chinese spirit, far from being a deity."

To those who might not have given up the practice, he asks them to publicly make themselves known by standing up and leaving, rendering them pariahs with the words:

"Not only will it not benefit yourself but in the worst case may even become the cause of shortening the life of the Dalai Lama. If you wish the speedy death of the Dalai Lama, then I have no objection."

He explains that he has reached these conclusions through divination (throwing a dough ball):

"All final decisions have been concluded only through divination. This address too is a result of a divination this morning."

He ends with a threat, setting the scene for his followers to then take up the slander and persecution with impunity, which they have done:

"If you private monks and spiritual masters in the monastic colleges continue making excuses and continue worshipping thus, you shall have a day of regret... it will not be good if we have to knock on your doors."

A comment left on this blog also draws attention to the mixture of bribery and threats with which the Dalai Lama tries to make Trijang Choktrul give up his practice of Dorje Shugden, some of which we will repeat here. In their last meeting in Europe, in Graz, Austria, in 2003, the Dalai Lama stated:

“If you give up this deity, myself and all Tibetan people will appreciate it very much and our protector Nechung will take care of you and make you more successful and famous than ever. If you do not give up this deity, then your monastic career, like receiving the full monk’s ordination and taking Geshe examinations will not be possible. So I leave it to your judgement.”

For more of the Dalai Lama’s own words, see
in the Dalai Lama's words.


Thom said...

you shall have a day of regret... it will not be good if we have to knock on your doors."

I am reminded of the 1999 Kalachakra Cereomony the Dl hastily put together once his nephew had reported that I had just finished the first monastery dedicated to Shri Dorje Shugden in Bloomington, Indiana/USA.
He and his henchmen showed up next door to my house one day in August and made life a living hell for the next 12 days as the limos drove up and down my little lane and 12,000 of his cult descended in the remote rolling hills of Southern Indiana.
I remember reading the hypocrisy daily as his propoganda machine hit every front page of the state with declaration that all people are welcome to the Kalachakra. Except for me and 12 Shugden monks living in the monastery.
It was apparent from the begining as he stepped off the plane in Indianapolis into a press conference and began railing about Dorje Shugden to 50 Press people, who had no clue whatsoever what he was talking about.
I remember the nightly cat calls from his security people that yelled threats from the night. While they smashed up my car windows and scrapped paint on the cars. Always at night. I sent my family away for the duration of his unwelcomed visit to my hometown.
I remember his words that he was not coming to Bloomington to dedicate the Kalachakra. He was going to Bloomington to destroy the Dorje Shugden Moastery that Kyabje Trijang Dorje Chang had blessed and dedicated.
The monastery thrives and has grown leaps and bounds across the adjacent states with other center attended by now thousands of people of all ages.
The Cultural Center land I gave in 1979 has turned into a land that is so full of impurities. It will take years to straighten out. The Norbu stole millons of dollars from the proceeds of the Kalachkra and are banned from even entering the grounds. Tagsters is dead and a lama from a Chinese Camp with Bob Thurman now control the Tibetan Cultural Center. On one side of town is the TCC and the other is Dorje Shugden Monastery.
The Dalia has turned to the dark side, plain and simple. He harms others, as he harmed me and my family with death threats and black magic that helped drive us from our home due to the complications of so much evilness directed our way bowled us over for awhile. But no more and no way. He will fail and the New Delhi Courts will point the way for his downfall and his nature to be revealed.
Imagine the Chinese now have a day to celebrate Dl's flight or abandonment of his own people.
It called Serf Liberation Day. Sounds corny! But it is right on as far as the sufferage of the Tibetan People was coming to an end. Just the same as the American Blacks were liberated by a Yankee President Lincoln. Now over 140 years later, we have Barack Obama about to ascend to this high ofice.
Let the Tibetans go home to China and work for their desire and continue as a People living in closer proximity to the developing world. No longer as serfs and slaves. The aristocrats can go where they like and the rest can head for Alaska and start again. My ancestors came to America as Cavaliers and became Pioneers making the country we have today. It's the way to keep your courage and strenght, Instead of becoming a welfare minority dying on a cliff side in northern India.
The Dalia would be better to go on ahead and not humiliate himself or us anymore than he has already with his charades and deceits.
He is only hot on this, because he killed Dragpa Gyaltshen and he is afraid his leagacy is dead once people know his true history.
That's it! He is a lying murderer.

In the end he will recant and plead for mercy and understanding for his abuses of power and tainting the Words Of Buddha for his own personal gain.

Thom said...

"No matter what the outcome of the court case, in a country where millions of idols are worshipped, attempting to ban the Deity is an uphill battle.
One in which many Buddhist monks have lost their faith in the spirit of the Dalai Lama."

Lineageholder said...

hey Thom, that's pretty heavy story about your persecution by the Dalai Lama's people! I'm glad to hear that the Dorje Shugden monastery is doing well.

Thom said...

Power Tripping Lama Steps in Kaka
The Dalai Lama had finally sent a response through his advocate to the High Court of New Delhi,India,on the 19th december,2008.This was precisely 9 and a half month later, since he had received a Notice from the Court-questioning his actions behind the Ban and asking him to provide a response.His response has been inconclusive and irresponsible ! To begin with, it is Samdong Rimpoche, the supposed Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government in Exile,who has incidentally,responded on the behalf of the Tibetan leader.The God King on the other hand has prefferably stayed aloof,apparently to demonstrate his sanctimonous position,which is probably even beyond diplomatic immunity!The response in itself is a ridiculous compilation of excessive lying and denials.It claims the court as having no legal jurisdiction in matters of religion-the ban being a religious directives of the Tibetan leader-who has a mandate to guide the Tibetan people in the religious and the
political sphere.

On the other hand as stated,there is a vehement denial to the fact that the Dalai Lama had even ever placed a ban,nor even the refferendum. There has been no discrimination,no abuse of human rights or religious freedom.Nobody has been discriminated with jobs have not been denied neither students expelled from schools!The 15 or so monks who were denied entry to the settlement,were rejected due to the ban placed by monasteries themselves,on admitting Shugden adherents,and not by the Dalai Lama-so says Samdong Rimpoche.The Prime Minister,would rather engage in mud-slinging,as he wants the court and the world,to take note of the unholy laison,of Kundeling and Lama Gangchen rimpoche with that of the Communist Chinese government.It is the to the minister the misdeeds and animosity of the duo, that such vicious attacks have been made to the holy person of the Dalai Lama.To prove the immaculate antecedents of the Dalai Lama,almost all of the later's ministries
have attested letters to the effect.There even seems to be a letter from an obsecure Indian minister stating the same and the National Human Rights Commision of New Delhi(NHRC) claiming to the effect that no objections had been raised against the Dalai Lama.A so-called letter from an press unioun,calling itself UBO,alleged to be in the Switzerland,cliams,that the Swiss TV Channel'10 vor 10',was one-sided and baised in it's interpretation of the on-going deity controversy,thus giving the Dalai lama a clean chit.

These in substance,are clever ploys and face saving tactics on the part of the Dalai Lama and his Government.The Tibetan team have even claimed,that under the leadership of the Dalai Lama there is harmony and good-will amongst all the Tibetan traditions,wherever Tibetans abide within and outside Tibet!And this,Samdong claims as a 'never happened before'in the history of Tibet.
It's time to put these unspeakables behind bars !

Lineageholder said...

Thom, where did you get your information about the Dalai Lama's response from? Is there a weblink?

Thom said...

Our Warrior from Shambala, Kunden Ling Rinpoche is the source.

tenzin jangchup said...

you people are the cause of the destruction of the dharma. as if this degenerate age wasn't enough, you want to not only engage in malevolent spirit-worship, but are paid by the chinese to do so and try to stir up sectarian resentment to serve your own ends. you commit one of the five heinous deeds, causing a schism in the religious community, as well as breaking a bodhisattva vow (by eschewing genuine teachings and expounding made-up ones), and will certainly suffer for eons in hell.

Tenzin said...

Tenzin Jangchub,

It is because of views like the ones you express here that we have to bring this situation to light and correct such misapprehensions. We are not spirit worshippers, we are not sectarian and we are not Chinese agents. Our Dharma is the pure teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni and Je Tsongkhapa.

You have bought into the Dalai Lama's and Tibetan government propaganda hook, line and sinker. As a result of your and others' misguided understanding arising from the Dalai Lama's words, many Tibetans are suffering slander and persecution, and there is indeed a schism in the previously harmonious Dharma community.

It is indeed degenerate times, when pure Dharma is being destroyed by a supposed champion of Buddhism, and Buddhists are denied by that same person of their rights to practice Buddhism! His compassionate actions are certainly not in accordance with the Bodhisattva vows, which are the nature of love and compassion.

Thom said...

Challenge to Dalia,Samdung,TGIE,TYC

If you have any confidence with the defense of your Hate Crimes and violating the Indian Constitution and your own Tibetan Constitution, I challenge you to have the claims brought before an officially designated International Debate Committee.
One that will act as a mediator to decide the validity of the claims made against the Dalia lama and Samdung, who represents the TGIE.
A PUBLIC DEBATE for all to witness and decide for themselves the truth behind the charges brought before the New Delhi Court against you.

A time honored method to resolve differences and a democratic process to unveil the truth of our cause against you and the Medievalist World you represent.

I know you read this forum and I know you are afraid to confront your long held fear.

That you ordered the murder of my Teacher, Kyabje Dagom Rinpoche. I know that my Master Domo Geshe Rinpoche requested Dagom Rinpoche to build a monastery dedicated by HH Kyabje Choktrul Trijang Dorje Chang Rinpoche, under the direction of Gonsar Tulku, Kyabje Dagom Rinpoche and attended by Zong Rinpoche. I know you came to Bloomington to destroy your Lineage Masters Dedication of the New Monastery.

Recant your lies and plead for mercy and understanding for all that you have undertaken to destroy the pure lineage of the Masters.

tenzin jangchup said...

if you want to say that you practice tibetan buddhism, then you must respect the tibetan tradition. the head of the geluk school is the ganden tripa, and if he doesn't engage in this practice out of respect for his holiness, who is the highest incarnate lama in the geluk tradition and an important lineage holder for all 4 traditions, that ought to be sufficient to settle the issue. besides which, his holiness has never banned shugten practice. he has requested that those who call themselves his disciples and who take vows and initiation from him not do this practice, which is a perfectly reasonable request for a vajra master or lama to make of his disciples.
in tibetan history, numerous deaths have been caused by the shugten demon, including not only shugten practitioners who had strayed in their commitments but also members of other schools, such as nyingma-affiliated government officials.
it is precisely because i am a geluk that i can't stand when people who practice shugten try to villify his holiness and worship a vengeful ghost instead. as tibetan buddhists, one of our top priorities should be the improvement of the situation in tibet, and without unified support for his holiness, we can never accomplish that.
if you feel compelled to practice shugten, it shouldn't be done so openly anyway. if it is a legitimate vajrayana practice, then there is no excuse to take it to the streets with protests and such. secret mantra should remain secret. even the images of our mother palden lhamo kept in monasteries are hidden from public view, so much more so should be the worship of this demon.

Lineageholder said...

Tenzin Jangchup,

You are evidence of the bad feeling the Dalai Lama has stirred up between Shugden and non-Shugden practitioners, which I feel is very sad. You say that the Ganden Tripa is not practising Dorje Shugden but you cannot know that for sure as it is always possible that it is being practised in secret by practitioners, who out of fear of retribution by the Dalai Lama, have to deny the Deity publicly but keep it in their hearts as, allegedly, Je Pabongkhapa had to with the 13th Dalai Lama. It is dangerous to disagree with the Dalai Lama as he has a lot of power.

You obviously have a lot of faith in the Dalai Lama,but that doesn't mean that he's right about Dorje Shugden and all his Gurus were wrong.

I don't know how you can continue to claim that the Dalai Lama has not banned the practice when he himself has used the word 'ban' on numerous occasions.

Anonymous said...

About the Ganden Tripa,

I have one anonymous friend who received an empowerment from the Ganden Tripa and asked him why he didn't teach about Dorje Shugden.

The Ganden Tripa told him that he was practicing Dorje Shugden in secret and that he could not teach the practice publicly or the Dalai Lama would remove him from his position.

This shows that there may still be many lamas who practice Dorje Shugden in secret. When the Dalai Lama stops his manipulation and persecution, they will be able to practice publicly again without fear.

Thom said...

Dalia 'what"? The Great Wheel of the Dharma has turned to the West.Dalia, himself pronounced this event himself in California, at the time of his decision to generate the Great Kalachakra in Bloomington for the purpose of destroying Domo Geshe Rinpoche's first Dorje Shugden Monastery dedicated by Trijang Rinpoche.
He said, "it is we, who brought the Dharmaa to them[injis], not they to us. I do not care , if they stand on their heads or thier feet".'I am going to Bllomington to destroy the Shugden monastery, not generate the Kalachakra for these hayseeds".
So, we do not need these Tibetans, who are so santimonious and full of false pride. We now can call it Western Mahayanna Buddhism or American Mahayanna Buddhism.
Tibetan Buddhism apparently has degenerated so severly, that it is no longer a suitable vessel for the Holy Dharma to flow to the people.
Tibetans have become so blind, that they confuse the Dharma with their rice bowls.
Western Mahayanna Buddhism, now that has a ring.
I will never bow before this Charlatan and his band of fools.

Wisdomsword said...

Is the Ganden Tripa (the spiritual head of the Gelugpa tradition) really siding with the Dalai Lama over his ban of Dorje Shugden?

His public pronouncements seem to indicate that yes, perhaps so. (Most Gelug Lamas have felt an obligation to agree with the Dalai Lama in public for obvious reasons, and particular pressure has been placed on the Ganden Tripa himself). But a look behind the scenes tells a different story.

The Ganden Tripa, Loungri Namgyal Rinpoche, has a small centre in Paris.
The students of the Ganden Tripa would regularly visit the NKT Centre in Paris in around 2005-6. They would not say where they were from and the NKT teachers and students respected their wish to remain anonymous. They mainly came to the shop to buy Vajrayogini and Dorje Shugden books and ritual items.

Later, one student very close to the Ganden Tripa, (who will remain anonymous for his own protection), came to some teachings and retreat sessions, including Wishfulfilling Jewel (the Guru yoga of Je Tsongkhapa combined with prayers to Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden) and explained to the NKT students where he was from.

This student said towards the end of 2006 that the Ganden Tripa supports Geshe Kelsang 100% and expressed how distressed the Ganden Tripa is at the degeneration of the Gelugpa tradition.

Geshe XX (anonymous for his own protection) is a Gelugpa teacher connected with the Ganden Tripa who has a small centre in Metz, eastern France.

Here is a record of a conversation he had during July 08 with a student of his, called DT, who was instrumental in the creation of the Centre in Metz, who nevertheless still keeps her connection with the NKT. She has since helped Geshe XX buy their first building in Metz, mainly financed by Anne Lacoste (of the Lacoste family). He had previously seen DT's shrine and Geshe Kelsang's books and she said he was filled with admiration, spending a long time looking at the books and asking her for details on the development of NKT centres. He encouraged her to keep quiet if she was criticised for her faith in Dorje Shugden and to avoid conversation on this subject in his centre, but he would never speak much on the subject.

Recently however he has become more open:

DT : I plan to go to the Dalai Lama's teachings in Nantes
Geshe XX : You have received the Dorje Shugden empowerment so you cannot go. The DL has prohibited anyone who has received this empowerment from attending his teachings. I am deeply sorry that the DL has this attitude. It is negative karma that is ripening for the Dalai Lama.
DT : But the Dalai Lama is considered to be a great master.
Geshe XX : Buddha said that just because he is called Buddha doesn't necessarily imply that he is. At the same time as having some qualities, he has many faults. What he is doing is contrary to human rights.
DT : Are you aware of the demonstrations against the DL ?
Geshe XX : He has no right to ban the practice of Dorje Shugden. One does not have to ask for his permission to practice Dorje Shugden. In no way is it the practice of a worldly spirit. He and I both received the Dorje Shugden empowerment previously. It is as if he has become crazy and what he is doing is damaging to the Tibetan cause. It is really no good at all.

DT said at the time that neither the Ganden Tripa, nor this Geshe, planned to attend the DL's teachings in Nantes.

Wisdomsword said...

Also, on the subject of the 101st Ganden Tripa, he does not deny even in public that he practices Dorje Shugden; he simply laughs the question off. Read his words carefully. Taken together with the Paris comments (see previous comment), it would seem that he is still doing the practice covertly.

From an Interview on his first official visit to Singapore, June 2003

How will Your Holiness describe Your relationship with HH the Dalai Lama?

His Holiness has taken care of me when I was just a newly-ordained monk, when I was the Abbot of the Tantric College of Upper Lhasa, Abbot of Ganden Shartse Monastery, when I was the Lord of Dharma of the Eastern End or the “Sharpa Choje” and even when I am now the Ganden Tripa or the Supreme Head of the Gelugpa Tradition. His Holiness is one of my precious
Root Teachers. I have taken a photograph with HH the Dalai Lama this year [ May 2003 ]. There is nothing in the world that I cherish more. Then, not forgetting also, that His Holiness is, in some ways, my “boss”. [ giggles]

Does Your Holiness practise the controversial protector Shugden banned by HH the Dalai Lama?

Did you not hear of the announcement made by HH the Dalai Lama in front of nearly
300,000 people in Bodhigaya in December 2002 about this? That I did not do the practice of this
protector? [laughing]

Gail said...

Check out the terrible way in which the Dalai Lama treated the reincarnation of his Guru, Trijang Choktrul:

An extract: In their last meeting in Europe, in Graz, Austria, in 2003, H.H. Dalai Lama stated his Final Judgement:

“If you give up this deity, myself and all Tibetan people will appreciate it very much and our protector Nechung will take care of you and make you more successful and famous than ever. If you do not give up this deity, then your monastic career, like receiving the full monk’s ordination and taking Geshe examinations will not be possible. So I leave it to your judgement.”

Infinite said...

(Originally this was a winter joke, now paraphrased to try to illustrate somehow the situation in a nut-shell)

It's January, and the Tibetan chief thinks that the Tibet’s cause is not going well and remembers a dream that there might be more obstacles ahead. He advises his people to get united to become stronger [everyone agrees]. Since it is a religious nation he decides to act also as head of the religion. To test his religious power, he advises to abandon the Dorje Shugden practice, because he suspects it might be causing obstacles to the Tibet’s cause.

To double-check his dreams he calls an oracle service and asks about the obstacles to the Tibet’s cause.

"According to the indicators, there might be" the oracle responds.

So the chief tells his people to really get serious on following his religious advise and forget about Dorje Shugden just to be safe.

Time goes by and the chief is still not sure about the future of the Tibet’s cause so he calls the oracle service again and the oracle confirms that there is a risk of serious obstacles. At this point, now as head of Tibetan religion and politics, the chief advises his people to get signatures and oaths from every Tibetan swearing that they will not practice Dorje Shugden and will not have any relationship with Dorje Shugden practitioners… or else. And he praised those expelling Dorje Shugden practitioners from their Tibetan communities and centres.

Time goes by and the oracle is called back again and is asked. "Are you absolutely sure that the Tibet’s cause is at risk of facing serious obstacles?"

"I am positive", the oracle says "The Tibetans are getting signatures and oaths like crazy."

(Someone might say “samsara makes me laugh”)

Thom said...

I have been informed by our advocate that the Honourable Judge has commented on the first pages,to the reply of the Dalai Lama,expressing reservations,as to whether the issue in concern would actually be within the jurisdiction of the High Court.

This is actually what the DL's group had devised with the help of their advocate-a clever move indeed!

However,the Judge had ruled that the response of the government of India was to be considered.

It is understood,that this government has requested for time to formulate it's reply and this is probably a positive

The court had pronounced this on the 15th of January.

It has also declared that a hearing will be held on the 26th of march 2009,during which a decision will probably be taken.

Thom said...

Bill Of Rights
Article III
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

He is a traitor to the democratic ideals that protect the Wheel Of Dharma. Democracy is the strongest ally to Buddhism. The laws protect us, not this self serving potentate.

Thom said...

"Dignitatis Humanae"

Dignitatis Humanae A Declaration of Religious Freedom.
Proclaimed by His Holiness, Pope Paul VI, December 7, 1965


Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief
United Nations General Assembly Resolution (1981).

European Convention on Human Rights

Article 9, as does Article 18 of the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, states: "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance." (1950).

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
United Nations General Assembly Resolution 217A (1948).

The Oslo Declaration on Freedom of Religion or Belief.

The Oslo Declaration on Freedom of Religion or Belief. A reaffirmation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the occasion of the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary at the Oslo Conference on Freedom of Religion or Belief. Signed August 15, 1998.

Truth conquers all said...

Check out this article in the Orangeville Citizen

Thank you for your column "Unity vs. uniformity". I would like to make a comment on one sentence towards the end of your article: Some see the Dalai Lama as a better model of humble witness to transcendent truth.

Although I do not doubt that, as a communications person, you remember the demos in 3 continents against the Dalai Lama, last Summer, I would like to request you to please bear in mind their meaning, in order not to publish, if possible, non-qualified, non-commented-upon news on the Tibetan leader...

If you remember the Dalai Lama´s actions, or find out about them then you might agree that his is one severe case of double talk, double behaviour, of ... how to call it? deception of the masses using your own good fame?

Remember, the Dalai Lama instituted the segregation, persecution and religious annihilation of an important group of Buddhists, the followers of his own (the Dalai Lama's) teachers, tagged as if by a yellow star as "Shugden worshippers". This is an unprecedented case in Buddhist history, and the Dalai Lama is getting away with it because the Press and the politicians and even the common folk do not like to admit that they were deceived by his charming smile and the sacred words of the Buddha that he repeats while betraying them.

Please go back to your archives, please review what has been said, what has been happening. Try to understand that he produced a painful and unheard of schism in the Tibetan Sangha, i.e., among the Gelukpa monks, his own people. He used his religious and political power to implant hatred and segregation against even the lay people following this very traditional Tibetan Buddhist belief.

If you would like to find about it, you might like to go to some websites. They are not very perfectly written, these people do not have PR specialists advising them, but they are defending the victims of the Dalai Lama and they are saying the truth.

The Dalai Lama preaches compassion to the world but does not practice it at home, in his backyard.

S. Jigme

Thom said...

This Dalia lama recently said, that he would not elect to rule the temporal aspects of his imaginary kingdom in his next lifetime. He would rather just spin his mala and be a monk!

He reminds me of a Fox in the Hen House. He'll say anything to maintain his huge overwhelming ego.
Rupert Murdoch got one thing right when he said the Dalia lama is just a man in monk's robes wearing Gucchi Shoes and a Rolex.

Jimmy said...

This is an interesting remark made on a recent blog article

"The Dalai Lama is an almighty figure when he comes to be a religious and a humanitarian leader. He would have been embraced by the Chinese government if he dedicates himself to that role, which inspires millions of people around the world. However, he is also a politician, especially when he presents himself to the Chinese government and the Chinese people. By playing both roles, the Dalai Lama is able to mobilize the western media in his support to deal with the Chinese government, because to the westerners, he appears to be a religious and a spiritual leader. As a consequence, he becomes ambiguous and perplex when it comes to sensitive issues such as how to deal with the Chinese government."

The biggest problem with the Dalai Lama is that he has mixed religion and politics in his life to garner support and power, and he has no idea where to draw the line between them... thus thousands of Dorje Shugden practitioners are suffering from politically motivated abuse. There is a good reason why the civilized world has tried for centuries to keep religion and politics separate and takes a dim view of theocracies. The sooner they are separated in Tibetan society, the sooner Dorje Shugden practitioners and all Tibetans will have religious freedom.

Thom said...

Good Bye&Good Riddance Dalia lama

The comments "point to a diplomatic strategy that has worked well for the Chinese government segregating human rights issues into a dead-end 'dialogue of the deaf,'" said Sophie Richardson, Asia advocacy director for the group. "A new approach is needed, one in which the U.S. engages China on the critical importance of human rights to a wide range of mutual security interests."

Regarding rights issues, Mrs. Clinton told reporters that the Chinese already "know what we are going to say."

"We know we are going to press them to reconsider their position about Tibetan religious and cultural freedom and autonomy for the Tibetans, and some kind of recognition or acknowledgment of the Dalai Lama. I have had those conversations for more than a decade with Chinese leaders, and we know what they are going to say about Taiwan and military sales."

Neither side is likely to change its position soon, so it might be better to focus on areas where both countries agree and can cooperate, she said."
Kinds of sound like Tenzin approach to mediations. Only he has no power to be so full of false pride. No one will care about him by this time next year. Such is Fame and Fortune and the New Delhi High Courts Pronounce DL is as deceitful as Bernie Madoff.
It appears to be a time that frauds around the world are exposed for what they are and did to harm others.

Thom said...

The question arises as to exactly how much money did the former US President Bush pay the Dalia Lama to Bless his illegal activities as a War Criminal and Traitor to the Principles under which he served the American People and betrayed all the Nations and Peoples of the World?