Friday, July 18, 2008


July 18th, 2008 By Pilar Conci and Jamie Schram
Article and video from the New York Post

Followers of the Dalai Lama's nonviolent teachings lost their cool yesterday - tossing coins and water bottles at Midtown protesters.

After the Dalai Lama finished a two-hour speech on human suffering at Radio City Music Hall, his audience of several hundred people stepped onto Sixth Avenue to chants of "Dalai Lama, stop lying!" from the protesters - who claim the Tibetan spiritual leader persecutes Buddhist Shugden practitioners.

Supporters waved money and threw coins at the protesters suggesting they were paid by the Chinese government.

There were no arrests at the protests.

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Anonymous said...

This is evidence of the brainwashing that the tibetan masses have had to endure. Years of expousing that the dalai lama is all knowing and great have led to the mob enfringing upon the rights of others while demanding the same rights themselves. Hypocritical indeed, but what do you expect when the leader models such behavior.

Would be interesting to see how he reacts. However it is most likely that he would avoid the problem or have a response such as " I can't tell the tibetan people what to do. They have their rights" just as he did with the comments on the recent and ongoing riots and protest on the issue of tibetan freedom.

Anonymous said...

I was recently at one of these demo's and I have to say, I had zero help as far as money goes.china gave me no money. to have such lie's said, and such angry violent actions made to harm a peaceful demo. I have to say actions speak louder than words, and the dalai lamas words are not sweet enough to cover this one.let the truth be seen.And let freedom ring!