Friday, June 5, 2009

Dalai Lama supporters attack young monks

Two young tulkus (reincarnate Lamas) recently had to leave Gaden Jangtze Monastery as a result of the Dalai Lama's ban on their spiritual practice. They joined the newly formed and fast-growing Shar Gaden Monastery so that they could openly practice Dorje Shugden without fear of reprisal.

It didn't work. On the night of May 30 these two young monks, Lobsang Damchoe and Lobsang Choekyi Gyaltsen, were severely beaten up by six monks from Gaden Jangtze. The six attackers are all supporters of the Dalai Lama's ban, and have admitted to planning and carrying out the attack, which was completely unprovoked. There is no news yet from the monastery as to whether or not they will receive any discipline for this premeditated crime.

Shar Gaden Monastery is just 10 minutes walk away from Gaden Jangtze Monastery.

The two young tulkus have been admitted to hospital and are now recuperating.

Once again, the Dalai Lama's ban on Dorje Shugden practice has caused hard-line anti-Shugden supporters -- even Buddhist monks -- to act out unlawfully and in violence against their own kind who practice Dorje Shugden.

Please write in to Gaden Jangtze Monastery to let them know the world is watching:

Attention: Abbot, Gaden Jangtze Monastery, P.O. Tibetan Colony-Mundgod, Lama Camp No. 1, N. Kanara, Karnataka State, India 581411

See also the report on the Western Shugden Society Website.


Jimmy Marsden said...

This is, of course, appalling.

Your readers may be interested in this, which proves the Dalai Lama's draconian ban on the practice and systematic degradation of even its finest and previously most revered Buddhist Lamas:

As someone said on the Dorje Shugden forum recently:

"This is not surprising, not only are the various interest groups and factions of exiled Tibetans involved in marginalizing exiled Tibetan Shugden practitioners, they also involved in fomenting dissent within Tibet itself with this wedge "issue". It's basically used as propaganda to build the sentiment that the Dalai Lama is their true leader and not to forgot, and building the whole cult of personality type of thing. The exiles use religion as their means to have some kind of leverage or control over the populace by proxy, a lot of this is actually underground. This becomes dirty when they target factions they deem as colluding with Chinese, and try to foment opposition to that.

There's more than meets the eye, this is just the tip of the iceberg, so this document is good actually as it's evidence of this movement's existence, aims and means.

Other instances include the whole Tenzin Delek incident, the monk who set off some bombs and was sentenced to death, he was actively making a social issue in Litang with the DL's ban on Shugden. When you look at all of this you start to see more than just isolated incidents.

Here's another instance, called out by the founder of Kham Aid:

Otherwise what they try to say in this not true at all, Dorje Shugden practice is well established in Kham, I've seen the situation personally. They're trying to convey the perception of Dorje Shugden practitioners as a minority."

Anonymous said...

Why would someone beat up two young monks?? Is this a retaliation to what these two monks did earlier? There's very possibility......

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, did you actually read the article?
"The six attackers are all supporters of the Dalai Lama's ban, and have admitted to planning and carrying out the attack, which was completely unprovoked."

How's that for a reason?

Thom said...

From Colin Goldner: Dalai Lama, Fall of a God-King:

“His Holiness” associated himself with powers he could use in the anti-Chinese propaganda in the upcoming Olympic games in August 2008. China could do without negative publicity in that time; all the more reason for him to try to create it. In the end of September 2007 he received a high representative from the German-speaking minority in Northern Italy, the “Südtiroler” , who informed him about the means and methods of their successful German Volkgruppen politics. Ofcourse, he was fully aware who he was inviting and also of the timing of this invitation; already at his first visit in Bozen in 1997, when he informed himself of the “Volksgruppenrecht” (right of minorities) as performed in the Northern Italian Autonomous region Trentino-Alto Adige (“Südtirol”) he met with the group around the leader of the delegation Franz Pahl. (Pahl is holding full power over the conservative right wing Südtiroler Volkspartei, that has as a main objective to “defend the birthright of the population and protect the land from immigration of others). The Südtirol – autonomy is structured according to German “Volksgruppen” (minorities) politics and His Holiness declared, during a following visit in the summer of 2005, that : “Südtirol is exemplary for Tibet”.
(…23 (20.3.2008)
It’s a matter of common knowledge that the Südtiroler autonomy was forced with terrorist means and bomb attacks in the 1960’s.
This is in strong contrast with his image using only peaceful means; again and again he keeps on chooing. (20.3.2008)
Motivated by his talk with the delegation from Südtirol and with the obvious support of the Dalai lama Dharamsala installed a militant group with members from the Tibetan Youth Congress, the Gu-Chu-Sum ex-Political prisoners Association and another 3 Tibetan exile organizations. Their objective is to use “direct action” to stop China’s brute occupation of our homeland. The Olympic games will be appropriate time to mark the climax of 50 years of Tibetan resistance. 4 january 2008 this group was officially named as Tibetan People’s Uprising Movement (TPUM).: “We will use this historic moment to bring new life to the Tibetan liberation movement and bring our struggle back from exile to Tibet. Our work will continue and by appealing to truth and justice we will start a new uprising amongst the people, that will shake China’s control over Tibet and will mark the beginning of the end of China’s occupation (of Tibet)”. That violent actions would be a part of this plan was clear from the beginning. In the end of 1980 an underground organization of exil-Tibetans called: “setting fire to Chinese homes: sabotage” was causing panic amongst the Chinese settlers. Directly after the TPUM declaration messages concerning sabotage circulated on the internet.
( (20.3.2008)
In Brussels The Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung hosted the “International Tibet Support groups Conference” in the spring of 2007, to look at the chances the Olympic games in 2008 would offer for the chances of real autonomy for Tibet. This conference accepted an “actionplan” in which the main chapter was: “Beijing 2008”. 36 exile Tibetan groups took part in this conference and 145 Tibet Support groups from 56 different countries. The Bush administration sent a secretary of state. A couple of months later the German government talked about “Tibet and Olympia” to discuss the possibilities of the Beijing Olympics being used as an opening to influence China’s policy towards Tibet. (20.3.2008)

Anonymous said...

So the same test can be applied to the Dalai Lama's people harmed. Right?

Paraphrasing the other Anonymous: Why would someone beat them up?? Was it a retaliation to what they did earlier? There's very possibility......

Let me try an exercise:

- The Dalai Lama’s people is harmed.
- Dorje Shugden practitioners are harmed.

Who’s harming others?

In the first case, the Dalai Lama - constituted himself as judge and party – held Dorje Shugden practitioners (at-large) liable for everything. Why Dorje Shugden practitioners would be liable? This is the case simply because the Dalai Lama decided that – himself or through the people he controls (without fair trial, to say it someway). Why?

Why would Dorje Shugden practitioners harm others without getting any benefit. Doing that would not make any sense. The only one benefited here is the Dalai Lama. Dorje Shugden practitioners don’t benefit from harming others. However, when the Dalai Lama says “Dorje Shugden practitioners harm others”, he gains power by “forcing” others to change their beliefs to what whatever he says or simply believe him on radical thoughts.

In the second case, the supporters of the Dalai Lama confessed their plan to attack. In the cult of personality he has created, people is doing crazy things to please him. He knows that, and he has praised them so they keep trying to please him. He controls them by using both politics and Buddhadharma with his typical “advises”, which actually everyone must follow in Tibetan affiliated communities (or else).

It is not possible for me to answer who actually harms either side, but certainly there is something evident in common: the Dalai Lama is who decides and controls. He decides who’s harming others, advises what to do and what to think, therefore, he controls.

This situation is also evident because no matter how bad the situation in Tibet gets or how harsh are Tibetans against Tibetan and non-Tibetan Dorje Shugden practitioners, the Dalai Lama “wins”… power, fame, control. Strange isn’t it? As a matter of fact, the Tibetan culture and pure traditions of Buddhadharma are facing their destruction under the leadership of the 14th Dalai Lama and he actually gets more power, fame and control, out of this.

Definitively now is the time practice Buddhadharma purely and sincerely.